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City Contemporary Dance Company CCDC Dance Centre is located at 110 Sha Tin Pass Road, the original site of Baptist Rainbow Primary School. It has been a place for growing talents – from a school for cultivating future social talents to becoming an important landmark in the dance industry in Hong Kong. This place has always been carrying the Hong Kong dance story, connecting different people with arts, and nurturing batches of local dance talents.

The 8 rehearsal rooms of CCDC Dance Centre are the cradle for artists to put together creativity, a place for dancers to practice and rehearse, and the starting point for thousands of students to begin their dance journey. CCDC Dance Centre will soon move out of Wong Tai Sin and enter the Tai Po Arts Centre. The historical traces of the Centre in Wong Tai Sin are gradually faded away. In regards to the major changes, CCDC will produce a dance gallery “Dancing Never Stops”  before moving out of Wong Tai Sin site, share the years of dance and reproduce the classics works, so as to respond to this place that witnesses the development of arts.

In face of the unknown challenges, CCDC needs your support, gather the strength in composing the future of dance, and make it together for the memory of Wong Tai Sin! Dancing Never Stops!

Why support this project?


“Local Cultural Record”

“Dancing Never Stops” is a dance gallery concluding the significant stages of local dance scenes, past dance performances archives, collective memories, dancers’ daily lives, and dance class fragments at CCDC Dance Centre (Wong Tai Sin). It provides the audience with another aspect to look into one of the important landmark in the development of cultural and art industry.


“Turning Point”

In addition to historical arrangement and review, the closure of CCDC Dance Centre (Wong Tai Sin) is also a watershed in the development of City Contemporary Dance Centre. The Centre has always supported the rehearsal venues of the local art industry and has nurtured numbers of creative ideas and talents in dance. Facing the difficulties such as the reduction of rehearsal venues and the redistribution of resources, CCDC aims to continue to promote the development of the local dance scene with the belief of “Dancing Never Stops”.


“For the Future”

Dance Gallery “Dancing Never Stops” starts from the past performances happened in CCDC Dance Centre, but it also redevelop with new ideas and creations. Even if the work had presented in the same place, artists’ techniques and performance skills re-enact completely different in the new creation. CCDC and artists have been working hand in hand, and the support of the audience is a major driving force for the development of art!


  • HK$100

Once Admission Ticket of “Dancing Never Stops” (HKD $100)


  • HK$500

Once Admission Ticket of “Dancing Never Stops” (HKD $10)

Dance Course Singel Coupon(1 lesson)(HKD $150)

  • HK$1000

Once Admission Ticket of “Dancing Never Stops” (HKD $100)
Dance Course Singel Coupon(1 lesson)(HKD $150)
Complimentary ticket for one performance of City Contemporary Dance Company 21/22 Dance Season  (HKD $250)

  • HK$5000

Once Admission Ticket of “Dancing Never Stops” (HKD $100)
Complimentary Ticket each performance of City Contemporary Dance Company 21/22 Dance Season  (HKD $1000)
2 Set of Dance Course Coupon(10 lessons)(HKD $1300)
Acknowledgement in House Programme, Annual Report & CCDC Website
Invitation of CCDC Dance Centre (Tai Po) Opening Ceremony

CCDC belongs to the Hong Kong Government’s Art Development Matching Grants Scheme, where every dollar is matched by $1!

Donors able to gift HKD5,000 or more will be commemorated with a nameplate at CCDC Dance Centre.

Donations of HK$100 or above are tax-deductible.

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