Venue Sponsorship

CCDC supports over 30 local productions annually by offering free rehearsal space, including local dance production presented by LCSD or supported by HKADC.


In response to the local dance industry’s demand on rehearsal venue, CCDC Dance Centre launched Partnership Programme Venue Sponsor (PPVS) to assist independent artists and dance troupe with free rehearsal space. Interested parties must submit an application form for each event, stating event and booking details. In addition, the Centre also provides discounts for non-profit organizations on rehearsal venue and basic facilities rental.


CCDC Dance Centre’s support is based on different needs of partners and the content of their activities, such as rehearsal venues, technical personnel, equipment, publicity advices or administrative resources. Please contact CCDC Dance Centre for details.


For any viable performance program, please apply for Partnership Programme Venue Sponsor (PPVS). Booking is available from Monday to Friday 10am-6pm.


  1. You can only reserve rehearsal venues within two months on a first-come, first-served basis. Bookings for warm-up, self-practice and research purpose, you can make reservation one week in advance.
  2. For any booking cancellation, please notify us by email to (Enid Yu) at least three working days in advance
  3. Before using the rehearsal venue, please sign next to the rental time in the rehearsal room rental schedule (the sign-in form is located next to the whiteboard on the ground floor to the first floor). Those who fail to sign or use the rehearsal room in 30 minutes without notification will be deemed to be cancelled without reason. The Centre reserves the right to reallocate rehearsal rooms to other venue users.
  4. For those who cancel three times without reason, the Centre will immediately cancel all remaining booking. We will NOT accept any application for rehearsal venues from the person in charge of the project within SIX months.
  5. No eating or drinking in the rehearsal room, and please maintain clean and hygienic.
  6. For your safety, you are NOT allowed to modify or move any electronic instruments and equipment in the rehearsal room without CCDC Dance Centre’s approval. All items must be returned to their original place after usage.
  7. For any publicity and commercial shooting, filming publishing, you must seek approval from the Centre.
  8. If any studio facilities or equipment are damaged during the booking period, the partner shall bear the cost for repairing or replacing.
  9. If a Black Storm Warning Signal or a Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 or above, the Centre will be closed. For operation safety, the Centre reserves the right to close the relevant facilities immediately without prior notification.
  10. The Centre may impose the number of studio users limits based on public safety, event nature or any other considerations.
  11. In any case, the Centre reserves the final decision to change or cancel the rehearsal venues.
  12. The Centre will not provide free equipment or props except those in the rehearsal room.
  13. You must acknowledge CCDC Dance Centre in all publicity materials and provide 2 to 4 complimentary tickets in return. Please refer to the Acknowledgement Guidelines for details.

Rental Fee

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