Post it for YOU

Share your dance photos, videos & text!

[Post it for YOU] makes use of network resources, your original text, dance images and videos will be published through CCDC Dance Centre social media platforms. We aim to provide alternatives beyond traditional dance sharing practice, more audiences can involve in dance art anytime and anywhere. It is also a way to explore the possibility of different arts activities or behaviours. Selected works will receive reward bonuses to encourage continuous creation. Anyone with creative dance ideas is welcome to apply.


1. Text

At most 1000 words, Chinese and English are both accepted

Text with photos is welcome

Please submit in Word file format

2. Dance Image

At least 1200 pixels wide  (low resolution may not be accepted)

Single photo or photo album are welcome. At most 10 photos fo each submission

3. Dance Video

Length: within 5 mins

Resolution: 1080p or above (low resolution may not be accepted)

Please upload the video to shareable drive and provide us with a downloadable link


Reward System

Selected work will receive basic bonus. MORE rewards for MORE reaction on Facebook and Instagram!


  1. All entrants must warrant that the work is original and independently created without plagiarism and has not been published.
  2. Must not involve any sales activities.
  3. City Contemporary Dance Company remains the right for reviewing the works submitted in 14 days. Participants must not publish or use the works in any forms during the period. The chosen one will be notified individually by email or phone.
  4. Those who not received any email/phone call may assume that their applications are unsuccessful. Participants can resubmit the works or publish them by themselves.
  5. In case of disputes, the Organizer reserves the rights of final decision, including suspending, terminating or changing details of The Activity and its terms and conditions without prior notice.


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