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01 Nov

The Excreman

November 1 - November 30

The Excreman

Dance Research and Development Platform: A Dance Film for Families


Drip-drop drip-drop, 

doo-doo, dong-dong…

I was flushed down the toilet bowl 

before I could get a glimpse of the rainbow.


As lowly as mud, I refuse to call this my destiny.

I’ve sworn to ride out the storm fearlessly, 

floating onto the ocean to see the setting sun

and turning into soil to nourish the Earth.


“Stop daydreaming! You’re just a piece of poo!”

Humph! Who says a little poo man can’t break through?


Let’s join this little poo man’s magical adventure.

Make every dream poo-ssible for a brighter future!

CCDC reserves the right to substitute artists and vary advertised programmes

Direction and Choreography

Yuri NG

Original Story

Brian TSE


Melissa LEUNG

Original Music

Siu Tung

Video Direction

LEE Ka-ki

WuDaoQingNian Research Instruction


CCDC Junior (Secondary School) Research Instruction

Ronly KONG

CCDC Junior (Primary School) Research Instruction

Peggy LAM

Create and Performance

CCDC Dance Artists, WuDaoQingNian members, CCDC Junior students


Date: November 1 - November 30
Time: -
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