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2019 2nd Term Short Course (May to Jun 2019)


Enrolment starts from: 01.04.2019 (Mon) 

Short Courses Early Bird Enrollment : 01-14.04.2019

Per course: HK$510 ; Two courses : HK$870

CCDC Dance Card Holder : Per course HK$430 ; Two courses HK$820


On or after 15.04.2019

Per course: HK$535 ; Two courses : HK$910

CCDC Dance Card Holder : Per course HK$450 ; Two courses HK$855


* Flexicoupon is not applicable to Short Courses.





Yin Yang YogaElementary
Class DayTimeStart DateSessionsInstructorFeeCourse Number
Mon5:00-6:00pm06.056Jo Leung535SC106CXL
This class includes both elements of Yin and Yang side of the yoga asana practice. The class starts with the basic Hatha yoga asana practice, which is the Yang side of yoga. It uses our muscle energy together with our breath to heat up the body, which warms up all joints and muscles of our body. At the second half of the class, we will get into some deep stretching by some Yin yoga postures, using the gravity, our body weight and passive energy at a still posture to stretch and lengthen out the deep side of our muscle, joint, ligament and tendon. Suitable for all people.

Contemporary BalletIntroductory
Class DayTimeStart DateSessionsInstructorFeeCourse Number
Wed8:30-9:30pm08.056Bobo Lai535SC107Full
Contemporary dance is a style of dance that emerged in the 20th century as an outgrowth of modern dance and other 20th century dance techniques. Pure technique is mainly a barre work with a little centre work. This class is a mixture of classical ballet and contemporary techniques. That leads into sequences exploring dynamics such as weight, suspension and rebound. Target: Suitable for students have basic in ballet or modern dance.

High Intensity Interval Training
Class DayTimeStart DateSessionsInstructorFeeCourse Number
Thu7:00-8:00pm12.056Michael Chan535SC108Full
HIIT is a type of exercise that combines high-intensity exercise training with intermittent mode. This type of sport is characterized by a short-term high-energy exercise and short-term rest to reduce body fat percentage and improve physical performance. The short-term exercise has a fat-reducing effect comparable to the traditional cellulite exercise. One of the popular sports training modes. Suitable for: Sports enthusiasts and dancers, except for people with heart disease and diabetes.

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  • Michael Chan

    He graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (Dance Department) with more than ten years of teaching and performance experience, and served as a dance judge. He is also a pop singer Michael Jackson Impersonator imitator and has deep familiarity with the stage.

    Among the sports, he has the qualification of (NBFA) International personal trainer and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) instructor. He has participated in bodybuilding competition experience and is also a swimming instructor.

  • Bobo LAI
    After graduating from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 2008, Bobo Lai joined the Guangdong Modern Dance Company (GMDC) as a fulltime dancer after working a year as a freelance dancer. Her early performances at GMDC including works by renowned choreographers, such as Liu Qi’s Upon Calligraphy and Sang Jijia’s Sticks. She also showcased her own works One Plus One Ant and X -85213 at GMDC. She joined CCDC in 2015.
  • Jo Leung
    Jo's yoga journey can be traced back in 1999 when she was a dance student in The Hong Kong Academy For Performing Arts.  
    Throughout the years of practicing yoga, Jo observed that yoga helped her not only physically as a dancer, but also mentally and emotionally in her daily life, especially when she dealing with stress.  
    She appreciates the strength and peacefulness that she experienced in yoga and wants to be able to share with others in depth.  
    In 2013, Jo went to northern India to deepen her understanding in yoga (including postures, cleansing, breathing, meditation and yoga philosophies) and got her Yoga Teacher Certificate from Sivananda Yoga Vedanta.  
    Jo believes that teaching yoga is not just guiding student into postures, it is a mutual growing process.  
    See you on the mat!
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