2nd Stage

the artists

Enoch Cheng

Scarlet Yu

2nd Stage 2018
Creations Never Stop


Choreographer  Enoch Cheng

Dancer        Scarlet Yu


Shuffle activates changes.

A gesture triggers a response. A chain reaction follows a circular path.

Rhythm enables serendipity. Desire develops an algotrihm.

A stage is disguised as a dance floor.

A movement morphs into a performance.

Press the shuffle button inside the blackbox, and a series of natural accidents occur.






About the Choreographer:


Enoch Cheng is an independent artist. His practice spans moving image, installation, curating, dance, events, theatre, writing, and performance. Concerned with the everyday subtleties in contemporary urban lives, his works explore recurrent themes of place, travel, fiction, memory, time, and destination. He received his MA in Creative Writing at Goldsmiths, London, and BA in English Literature and Art History at the University of Hong Kong; he has also lectured at Hong Kong Art School. Enoch Cheng is the recipient of Award for Young Artist at 2016 Hong Kong Arts Development Awards. He is currently researching on various ideas of extinction and migration, exploring themes about mythologies, nature, Asia and Africa. He was an artist fellow at Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart, Germany (2015–2018), and artist-in-residence at POGON – Zagreb Centre for Independent Culture and Youth (2018).



About the Dancer:


Born in Hong Kong, a trans-disciplinary artist, living in Berlin. Her work involves choreographing one-on-one performances focusing on ideas of presence, the notion of strangers, autobiographical material, memory and the state of in-betweenness. Collaborated with Xavier Le Roy on “Temporary Title 2015”, “Still Untitled” at Sculpture Projects Münster 2017 and “The Rite of Spring 2018”. Haris Pasovic, Li Ming Chen, Chikara Fujiwara, Teatro de los Sentidos and Maurice Lai. Recent work includes "Read Memory" at WINGS Platform, "A Performance …" at When will I see you again, Oil Street, and "IsLand Bar" at Taipei Art Festival. Yu was jury member for Tanzplattform Germany 2018, and artist in residence at Hombroich Summer Fellows and Asia Discovers Asia Meeting (ADAM). She obtained an M.F.A in Dance from The Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts in 2015. Worked as Rehearsal Director at The Arts Fission Company (Singapore, 2000–2010).


Photo:Agustín Farías
Publicity Design:Hon Ning
Chinese Title:Carmen Wong

Sep 08 - 09, 2018
8.9.2018(SAT) 8pm
9.9.2018(SUN) 3pm & 8pm 

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