• WuDaoQingNian 2015
  • 《超人說》 編舞:馬師雅
  • 《超人說》 編舞:馬師雅
  • 《那麽近.這麽遠》 編舞:黎德威
  • 《那麽近.這麽遠》 編舞:黎德威
  • 《舞‧圈子》 編舞:林詠茵
  • 《舞‧圈子》 編舞:林詠茵
  • 《途跡》 編舞:鄺韻儀
  • 《途跡》 編舞:鄺韻儀
WuDaoQingNian 2015
Presented by CCDC Dance Centre 
Supported by Urban Renewal Authority

After professional training and intensive rehearsals, a group of young dancers from different districts go beyond the theatre to perform in wide open spaces for the public. Revealing various visions of today’s modern dance, we hope to introduce the charm of dance to the community and reflect the artistic concept of “From the mass, for the mass.”

“WuDaoQingNian” is a modern dance training program dedicated to local young people. In the past few years, CCDC Dance Center successfully nurtured a group of enthusiastic young dancers. Many of them are still active in the art and cultural industry and have become the backbone amoung the young generation.

Over the previous years, WuDaoQingNian - Podium Dance Performance has been presented in the Hong Kong Cultural Center Piazza, the Peak Galleria, Wong Tai Sin Temple Square, Stanley Plaza and Langham Place. Participants were also invited to perform in Guangzhou, Taiwan and Bangkok for cultural exchange. “WuDaoQingNian” received the Hong Kong Dance Award in 2010.




Choreographers (WuDaoQingNian 2015)
Lai Tak Wai, Peggy Lam, Alice Ma, Ronly Kong

Tutors & Choreographers (WuQing Junior*)
Evains Lui, Mary Jane Tang, Apple Loi

Costume Designer
Moe Mo

Performing Partners
WDQN Alumni
The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

#Performing Partners Performance: 17. 01. 2016

WuQing Junior* is cooperated by
Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Yu Mak Yuen Integrated Centre
Caritas Jockey Club Integrated Service For Young People - Lei Muk Shue
Maryknoll Fathers’ School

*WuQing Junior Performance: 20.12.2015 & 27.12.2015

Free Programme

20.12.2015  Sunday
Open Plaza, Aldrich Bay Park


27.12.2015 Sunday
Atrium Plaza, Upper Ngau
Tau Kok Estate


17.1.2016 Sunday
Piazza A, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
(Near Star Ferry/Clock Tower)


Time:11:30am & 3:00pm
(Open Rehearsal:19.12.2015 4:00pm)

Time:11:30am & 3:00pm
(Open Rehearsal:26.12.2015 4:00pm)

Time:11:30am & 3:00pm
(Open Rehearsal:16.1.2016

Enquiry:Tel:2328 9205   E-mail:dc@ccdc.com.hk                                                                             


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