the artists

Noel Pong

Original Lighting Design
Goh Boon Ann

Executive Lighting Design
Low Shee Hoe

Costume Design
Charfi Hung

Sound Design
Ha Yan-pui

The Buying Game 2.0

“… an ambitious work that includes some striking sequences and shows Pong successfully introducing new ideas into her choreography.”    - South China Morning Post, Hong Kong



Noel Pong is one of today’s most promising choreographers. Winner of the 2012 Hong Kong Dance Award "Outstanding Choreography", she was inspired by shopping encounter and created The Buying Game. Wandering between immersive shopping labyrinths in concrete jungles and virtual online shopping platforms, one is overwhelmed by a barrage of desirable things made more desirable by exquisite imagery. How do emotions flow in this world: one way, two ways, or crisscrossing?

The Buying Game converses with everyday life and is realised by a cast of superb dancers, the premiere performances in 2013 were well-received and drew enthusiastic responses. This July, the CCDC puts Pong’s renewed reflections onto a larger stage, once again analysing our shopping experience with humour and insight.


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about the artist


Noel Pong

Noel Pong graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with First Class Honours in modern dance and joined CCDC in 1997. Rainy Days and Mondays..., her choreographic work for CCDC, was restaged for the 3rd Guangdong Modern Dance Festival and Dance Trinity in the Hong Kong Dance Festival 2006. She was commissioned by Jumping Frames International Dance Video Festival to produce a dance video based on Rainy Days and Mondays... in 2008. She is the co-founder of Zero Zero Ensemble. Her choreographic works for CCDC include A Walk on the Cloud (2006), He Loves and She Loves (2007), Crime Scene (2009), Fairy Tales – To Be Continued (2010), Off Screen (2011) and Inside Out in Strip Teaser 2012. Crime Scene was invited to be restaged for the 6th Guangdong Modern Dance Festival and was selected by South China Morning Post as one of the "Best Dances" in 2009. Off Screen received the 2012 Hong Kong Dance Award for "Outstanding Choreography" and has been invited to the 8th Guangdong Modern Dance Festival.


Jul 10 - 10, 2014

Kwai Tsing Theatre Auditorium

$220, $140

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