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Bobo Lai

Lee Ka-ki

Kelvin Mak

2017 Dancers’ Homework

As one of Hong Kong’s most creative dance ensembles, CCDC brings refreshing new voices to the dance floor with Dancers’ Homework, a showcase for CCDC dancers to express their choreographic talent. 2017 Dancers’ Homework reveils a new page of a year by featuring an experimentally mixed bill of four emerging choreographers from CCDC company, revitalising our nerves in city rhythm and refresh our mindset to face the challenge of coming year.

Ivan Chan Aurora

Rolling in the deep swirl of timeline, what we pay for boundless chasing is to lose mutual space for self development and forget daily happening so easily. Is it far away from our distance or just nearby around us to find the utopia hidden in our imagination? We keep savings and travel for so long to visit those nominated as top ten mysterious sceneries in the world you could not miss in lifetime, but it may be nothing special in the citizens over those horizons. How many times we found confused about what’s next after treasures were achieved? After Inconnu, Unequal of Imagination Boom, Naked as I Came and the full-length Not Yet / To Forget, Ivan Chan chases all about love around you today.


Bobo Lai X – 85213

You may think I am crazy but I just think you totally misunderstand. It is common to read wordings ‘back to normal’ in comments of Facebook posts, hashtags of Instagram and headlines of mass media. Everyone has self own measurement on definition of ‘normal’ but what is the borderline differentiating genius and idiot? Do we take it for granted to daily offering and lose the self-awareness to discover further alternatives? If our neigbour gazes outside the window at every midnight throughout seven years to await a spaceship getting him/herself home, will you be amazed by seven such a long period or just respond with a word ‘only’ hereafter? The experimental dance with fantasy by Bobo Lai uncovers thoughts deep inside those fools in our eyes.


Lee Ka-ki To Gather

People come and go on platform with a glimpse when passing by. Thinking of you when I close my eyes and realize my existence ever after eyes open. Lee Ka-ki, choreographer of “DAN”s Room, P BOARD Q and Space within flows in river of timeline with balloons of imagination, travelling through all matter conditions on earth to find the air we can breathe.


Kelvin Mak Lies in Waiting

When the truth is being killed piece by piece and covered by lies layer by layer, how to differentiate true and false or light and dark of humanity? After Echoes Within and Made in..., Kelvin Mak, praised by SCMP as a “standout” dancer, searches for a pair of clear glasses to survive in swirl of messy period.

Tickets now available at art-mate. Meet-the-artists after performance would be held on 7 January 2017.


2017 Dancers’ Homework

Programme  6-7.1.2017 (Fri-Sat) 8pm*, 8.1.2016 (Sun) 3pm

Jockey Club Dance Theatre, CCDC Dance Centre

(G/F, 110 Shatin Pass Road, Wong Tai Sin, Kowloon, Hong Kong)

$100 (Free Seating)

*Meet-the-artists after performance


  • The ticket holder is a temporary member of CCDC Dance Centre on the day of the performance.
  • Some seats may have a restricted view.
  • Discount for Dance Inspirations cardholders is not applicable to this programme.

CCDC reserves the right to substitute artists

Jan 06 - 08, 2017
$100 (Free Seating)

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