March 2021

[vc_row enable_arrows_animation="no"][vc_column][vc_column_text]As we move into the 42nd dance season of CCDC, our new Artistic Director Yuri Ng is working through a creative process for the upcoming four dance seasons that are themed around winter, spring, summer and autumn respectively. Our vibrant local artists are going to thrill our audience and kick-off this dance season with winter-themed series, “Why 冬 We Dance?" The dance season starts with Days are Numbered, a new production of three dance pieces choreographed by a brilliant trio of dance artists, Justyne Li, Jennifer Mok and Bruce Wong, based on their extraordinary life stories. Our resident Artist Qiao Yang and CCDC dancers will team up with Wong Tan Ki, our distinguish invited artist, to stage this fabulous production. What follows is Luck-quacka, a family-friendly dance performance in August. Choreographed with the unique flair of Hong Kong, Yuri Ng is going to treat our audience with this fun-filled Nutcracker with a local twist at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre this summer. Also coming up is Home Sweat Home in November. Co-choreographed and performed by Anna Lo and Rick Lau, our whole dance company is going to tune into their bodies and movement to evoke an intimate combination of contemporary dance and rap in different languages. The grand finale of this season is Pa | Ethos, an incredible creation by resident choreographer Sang Jijia. Inspired by the statues in Rome’s streets, he will turn dancers into statues and explore the infinite possibilities of movement and immobility. Last year saw many changes for CCDC. As we gear up for a new journey, we stay focus on creating local production and manifest the values of "Made in Hong Kong, made for Hong Kong" across boundaries. In this season, our dancers continue to perfect dance pieces and evoke emotional dreamscape through our breath, bodies, movement,