Dance Research & Development Platform: Exploring Movement-image

Waking up to the swirl of fate, I am sliding through the sewer and flushing down to the ocean…

Facing the difficulties and crises ahead, our youngsters make every effort to seek a way out and strive for progress. As they ride out the storm fearlessly, they dance to reach new heights in the journey of exploration.

Under the leadership of CCDC Artistic Director Yuri Ng and instructors, students of CCDC Junior and WuDaoQingNian made a breakthrough from the restrictions during the pandemic. They kept on dancing with their boundless imagination and creativity, under the video direction and editing by Ka-ki Lee, a movement-image is produced and now published online for the public to experience the journey by the team.

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Creative Team

Artistic Director︱Yuri NG

Video Director︱LEE Ka-ki

Concept︱Yuri NG, LEE Ka-ki (Inspired by Brian TSE’s The Excreman)

Music Advisor︱Siu Tung

Choreographers and Research Instructors︱Noel PONG– WuDaoQingNian, Ronly KONG – CCDC Junior (Secondary School), Peggy Lam – CCDC Junior (Primary School)

Creative Performers︱ Felix Ke、WuDaoQingNian*、CCDC Junior (Secondary School) Students^、CCDC Junior (Primary School) Students⁺


CHOI Kwan-yee

MAN Hin-wun

SIU Chun-yi

TSANG Kai-yu

Minnie YAU Wing-lam

YIP Hoi-ying

^CCDC Junior (Secondary School) Students

Chan Yi-ching

Aqua CHEUNG Ching Laam

Jeannie CHEUNG Yat-yin

CHO Man-wai

HO Owen

LAM Wing-hei

Iris LAM Yuen-kei

LAM Zoi-hei

Max LAU Tsz-fung

LEE Cheung-yan

Tasia LEUNG Ching-man

Joshua LIU Chun-ki

Miki NG Ka-hei

Jeanne NG See-lamb

Justin TANG

WONG Pak-yiu

YEUNG Wing-lam

YIU Hei-lam

Charlie Bernice YU

⁺CCDC Junior (Primary School) Students

Anselm CHAN Sai-hei

CHAN Ying-tong

CHEUNG Sen-huen

Chloe HO, Kambyl IP Shun-kiu

KAN Sum-yuet

KWAN Tsz-yiu

Chloe LAM Wai-kiu

Una LEUNG Ho-yu

Lucia NG See-light

Gianna NG See-sun

Timea NGAI Ting-kwai

SIU Pak-ting

TSE Pui-ching

TSE Pui-wa

WONG Sin-yu

WU Sheung-yee

YUAN Tsz-ting

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