45th Anniversary of CCDC

At the high temperature of 45°C, the pinnacle of festivities begins.

The cold arrives, the heat departs; reap in autumn, stockpile in winter.

Celebration goes beyond today’s harvest in anticipation for tomorrow.


The straw bundles after years of cultivation and the weeds set ablaze as nourishment underground mirror the ardency of 45°C celebration, illuminating the city.


At the 45th dance season, we uphold the belief that ‘dance is always by your side’ and keep bringing productions across the city. Two distinctive outdoor programmes will set the tone for the celebration.

Debuted a year ago, Multidisciplinary Dance Theatre Meeting In-between Time was staged in the revitalised The Pokfulam Farm, impressing the audience with breakthroughs in aesthetics and performance format. This year, the work returns as a celebratory programme after enhancing its different aspects. The WuDaoQingNian training and performance programme has been nurturing numerous talents for the dance field. This year, 45 former participants will unite again to narrate the past and echo the present through dance in different corners of the community.

As the seasons unfold and the planets spin, CCDC’s dance soil has been irrigated by countless souls in the city who are passionate for dancing. Gratitude to those who have left their mark on the cultivation, allowing the harvests to accumulate, as nutrients perpetually transform and the nurturing remains boundless. At a harvest of 45 years, let’s celebrate the next bountiful number to come!

Anniversary Events

Meeting In-between Time (Re-run)

17-20 Oct 2024

New Dance on the Block

Nov-Dec 2024

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