Travel of Soul Time AFTER Time & Echo in the Mirror — A Bodily Transcription of Our City: Exploring the Bizarre and the Ordinary. CCDC’s Season-opening Double-bill is a Travel through Time and a Striking Sensory Feast

(Hong Kong, 21st April 2023) Hot on the heels of the announcement last month of their 2023-24 dance season ‘It’s Summer!’, City Contemporary Dance Company (CCDC) is now kicking it off with a double-bill performance, Travel of Soul Time AFTER Time & Echo in the Mirror, which will take place at the Auditorium, Kwai Tsing Theatre from 12 to 14 May 2023. Tickets are now on sale at URBTIX, with discounts up to 40% available for advance bookings made from today until 15 May.

For the opening performance of CCDC’s ‘It’s Summer!’ dance season, Terry Tsang and Noel Pong tapped into their personal emotional connections with the city to create choreography that is at once violent and gentle. The double-bill programme presents audiences with an impactful collision of aesthetic styles of two generations, performed by nearly all the artists in the company, including the Associate Artistic Director Dominic Wong.


Noel Pong’s Echo in the Mirror: A Literal and Lyrical Farewell

A Hong Kong native, CCDC’s Artist in Residence, Noel Pong enjoys finding inspiration from everyday life. Her whimsical creative style with a rich narrative and local elements resonates easily with her audiences. Following her previous works Off Screen (2011) and The Buying Game 2.0 (2014), the former a theatrical portrayal of Hong Kong’s film culture and the latter depicting the maze of materialism set in Hong Kong as a “shopping paradise”, Echo in the Mirror centres around the subject of Noel’s departure, transforming its melancholy into a subtle description of the everyday. Replete with her trademark dark humour and artistic style inspired by ordinary life, this piece marks her farewell to the CCDC as she draws the curtain on her decades-long career with the company and moves forward to the next stop in her life.

“I have spent my entire youth here.” Drawing on her memories of the city, Noel weaves all her bitter and sweet moments in Hong Kong and the company into this choreography of intense passion. “People are surprised by how I could work at a place for over 20 years. Of course, there were challenges, but without first tasting the bitter, how would we know how delicious the sweet could be!” In this “swan song” of hers, Noel looks back on her dance career while injecting her creative flair into the ensemble design: a lineup of all the troupe’s female dance artists paired with two male dancers from different generations––Associate Artistic Director Dominic Wong and Dance Artist Trainee Brian Yam, who joined CCDC last year. Echo in the Mirror is a farewell piece that juxtaposes the old and the new, where they interact and shine off one another.


Terry Tsang’s Travel of Soul Time AFTER Time:
A Ritual of Remembrance for the Departed and the Living

The other new creation on the programme, Travel of Soul Time AFTER Time, choreographed by Terry Tsang, explores various profound sentiments on the city’s people and places. “Over the recent years, with the social turmoil in Hong Kong and during Covid, the city has seen countless departures, both of the living and the dead. I hope the work can be a form of spiritual therapy for the audiences, and more importantly, guide them in facing future Hong Kong and their future selves.”

Since leaving CCDC in 2019, Terry has released several choreographic works, ranging from dance, visual art to performance arts, with a bold and avant-garde style. At the Hong Kong Dance Awards 2023, he was the award winnder for the “Tom Brown Emerging Choreographer Award”. Building on his signature themes of desire and taboo, Travel of Soul Time AFTER Time transforms the ritual of “hell-door-breaking” into dance, in an all-revealing rendition that delivers an impactful experience for the audience’s body, mind and soul, through his distinctive aesthetic and keen perception of dance and visual art. The idea of incorporating the traditional Canton ritual stems from Terry’s childhood memories and carries a profound wish, “Besides mourning the dead, the most important function of rituals is to heal the wounded and weary souls of the living, including those of audiences in Hong Kong. On entering the theatre, they are transported to a different time and space, as though having escaped reality while experiencing a quasi-imaginary funeral ritual.”

Travel of Soul Time AFTER Time & Echo in the Mirror is a tribute to the city, in keeping with the company’s ethos of “Made in Hong Kong, Made for Hong Kong”. The 2023-24 dance season ‘It’s Summer!’ will start from the soil of our city, taking you on a soul-stirring exploration of the spirit of dance.

Creative Team

Travel of Soul Time AFTER Time
Choreography: Terry TSANG
Music: LEUNG Po-wing*
Dramaturgy: Melissa LEUNG
Rehearsal Master: Jack WONG Yiu-kuen
“Hell-door-breaking” Advisor: WONG Cheuk-git
Set and Lighting Design: Lawmanray
Costume Design: Charfi HUNG
Sound Design: Candog HA
Performance: Suyi HON, Felix KE, Natalie KO, Bobo LAI, Peggy LAM, Shirley LOK, Zelia TAN, Brian YAM^, Simpson YAU

*With support and kind permission of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
^The Artistic Internship Scheme is supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council

Echo in the Mirror
Choreography: Noel PONG
Dramaturgy: Melissa LEUNG
Set and Costume Design: Charfi HUNG
Lighting Design: Lawmanray
Sound Design: Candog HA
Performance: Suyi HON, Natalie KO, Bobo LAI, Peggy LAM, Shirley LOK, Zelia TAN, Dominic WONG, Brian YAM^

^The Artistic Internship Scheme is supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council

Performance Details of Travel of Soul Time AFTER Time & Echo in the Mirror

Date & Time 12.5.2023 [Fri] 8pm

13.5.2023 [Sat] 8pm

14.5.2023 [Sun] 3pm

Venue Auditorium, Kwai Tsing Theatre
Ticketing $320︱$240︱$180

Tickets now available at URBTIX;

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