Friends & Patrons

Contemporary performing arts have entered a new era. In spite of the challenges in the changing environment, CCDC continues to promote the cultivation, research and innovation towards establishing new values for dance in our city. Your support enables us to underpin our sustainable development and explore artistic horizons, shaping a better local arts scene.


Funding Schemes:

(1) Arts Development Fund

Supports original productions that reflect the vigour and creativity of Hong Kong’s vibrant culture and showcases the artistry of local choreographers, designers and home-grown dancers.

(2) Dance Education Fund

Supports dance education by providing training scholarships to talented young dancers and funding to the student ticket scheme, which allows students to enjoy performances at a lower price.

(3) China Dance Development Fund

Supports the China Dance Development Programme, which strengthens the connections between artists and organisations in Chinese cities, while broadening the arena for dance development in Asia.

(4) Digital Media Development Fund in Contemporary Dance

Supports the promotion and commission of local dance video productions for the annual Jumping Frames International Dance Video Festival founded by CCDC to facilitate creative collaborations and artistic exchanges among directors, artists and choreographers in Asia.


Donors Privileges:

    • VIP tickets to all CCDC performances
    • Invitations to exclusive cocktail receptions and events
    • Acknowledgements in CCDC’s house programmes, website and annual report for 12 months


Donors Categories:

    • DIAMOND Patron (Donation of HK$500,000 or above)
    • PLATINUM Patron (Donation of HK$100,000-HK$499,999)
    • GOLD Patron (Donation of HK$50,000-HK$99,999)
    • SILVER Patron (Donation of HK$30,000-HK$49,999)
    • Patron (Donation of HK$10,000-HK$29,999)
    • Friend of CCDC (Donation of HK$3,000-HK$9,999)
    • Student Ticket Scheme Donor


CCDC belongs to the Hong Kong Government’s Art Development Matching Grants Scheme, where every dollar is matched by $1.

Donations of HK$100 or above are tax-deductible.

CCDC gratefully acknowledges the following corporations and individuals for their donation:

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Diamond Patrons of CCDC
(Accumulated donation of HK$500,000 or above)

Dr Hayley KAN Mee-lin

Sik Sik Yuen


Platinum Patrons of CCDC
(Accumulated donation of HK$100,000 – HK$499,999)

Ms Yama CHAN

Mr LAM Chiu-ying

Dr Ivy H H TAO

Dr Michelle TSUI

Mrs YEN LEE Yin-chiu


Gold Patrons of CCDC
(Accumulated donation of HK$50,000 – HK$99,999)


Ms Vienne CHENG Wai-wah

Mrs Sophia KWAN

Mr Kenneth LEUNG Kai-cheong


Tom Brown Memorial Fund

Ms Ellen TSAO




Silver Patrons of CCDC
(Accumulated donation of HK$30,000 – HK$49,999)

Ms CHAN Shuk-yee

Eaton HK

Mr FONG Si-lung

Ms Sophia KAO Ching-chi GBS, SBS, JP

Ms KWAN Sau-ching

Ms LAI Sim-fong

Prof Eva MAN

Mrs Jessica ONG

Patrons of CCDC
(Accumulated donation of HK$10,000 – HK$29,999)

606 Music Research


Dr Raymond CHAN, JP


Dr Miranda CHIN

Prof Fanny CHUNG Ming-yan

Ms Ribble CHUNG Siu-mui

Corrupt The Youth

Friends from Malaysia

Ms FUNG Sheung-chi

Mr Michael HAYNES

Ms Helen LAI

T & O Fine Arts Production Co.

TangoTang, The Hong Kong Tango Club

Ms Yvonne TSUI

Ms Joyce YEN


Friends of CCDC
(Accumulated donation of HK$3,000 – HK$9,999)

Amelie and Angus

BEYOND Bollywood Limited

Ms Candy CHAN

Ms CHAN How-yan

Ms CHAN Lai-nga


Ms Cheryl CHOW

E-Side Dance Company

Mr Force FONG

Mr GOH Boon Ann

Mr Brett GORDON and Ms Carrie COX

Mr KONG On-tai

Dr Maggie KOON, BBS, JP

Kongtact Square

Ms LAM Lit Kwan

Ms Stella LAU

Ms Rachel LEE

Dr LIU Tong Rita, SBS

Ms LIU Wai Fun

Mr & Mrs LIU Wai Lun Jeffrerey

Mr ONG Yong-lock

Ms Edith SHIH

Miss Yvonne TANG

Ms Renee TSANG

Ms Ada TSANG Yim-yu

Mina WONG – Little Star

Ms Shirley WONG

Ms WONG Wai-chun

Ms WU Yi-san

Mr Christopher YIU Chi-pang








Student Ticket Scheme Donor

Ms Yama CHAN