2nd Stage 2021

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30 Oct

2nd Stage 2021

October 30, 2020 - November 1, 2020

3-4 July 2021

3.7.2021 (SAT) 8pm
4.7.2021 (SUN) 3pm & 8pm

CCDC Dance Centre Jockey Dance Theatre


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Choreographer | Sudhee Liao
Performer | Carman Li
Visual Arts Design | Dan Harris



Choreographer | Chan Wai-lok
Performer | Chan Wai-lok, Lee Ka-hei, Carman Li
Costume Design | Cheng Nga-yan


 I don’t mean it

Choreographer | Alice Ma
Performer | Christy Ma
Composer and Sound Design | Leung Po-wing

2726 9098 (Ms. Bessy Fong)


As the cradle of the local dance creation, CCDC Dance Centre introduces a brand new creative platform for continues work ─ 2nd Stage. This is the 2nd chance for potential dance pieces which are previously performed to continue the journey, an exploration of creativity. It is also a golden opportunity for local young artists to review their work, to deepen and extend their creation.


Choreographer | Sudhee LIAO
Performer | Carman LI
Visual Arts Design | Dan HARRIS
Music | Chaconne, Johann Sebastian Bach, Jascha Heifetz

An interplay between movement and the body, focusing on sensing and relating. The body is used as a tool for embodiment of reflexivity. There is no sense of “I” without it’s correlative

sense of you, or s/he, or they. By incorporating technologies, we recreate the idea of embodiment. Our “reach” extends through the engines of virtual reality, a curated avatar of our offline self, connecting with other aviators to create interactions and relationships that are unique to these virtual spaces.



Choreographer | CHAN Wai-lok
Performers | CHAN Wai-lok, LEE Ka-hei, Carman LI
Costume Design | CHENG Nga-yan

Here comes with an adventure in an experimental pornographic film making, where you will be exposed to sexual scenes inviting subjective observations and perspectives into eroticism.

Pleasure in the air, loading;
Excitement in the vibration, loading;
Nudity in the affection, loading;
Intoxication in the body, loading;
Softness in the eyes, loading,
coming, shoot.

With the beautifully obscene scenes as backdrop, you are cordially invited to ride the senses here♥


 I don’t mean it

Choreographer | Alice MA
Performer | Christy Poinsettia MA
Composer and Sound Design | LEUNG Po-wing

“We know that they are lying, they know that they are lying, they even know that we know they are lying, we also know that they know we know they are lying too, they of course know that we certainly know they know we know they are lying too as well, but they are still lying.” Russian writer and Nobel Prize winner, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

We don’t even know whether the words from us are as intended, or simply lies.
In a time like now, can people still be able to speak freely or at their own will?
If speech is essentially a power game, probably we have to learn how to speak and express properly so as to be able to harness the game.


CHAN Wai-lok

CHAN Wai Lok, a choreographer and performer based in Hong Kong and Brussels, completed his studies in P.A.R.T.S. (Belgium) in 2019 upon receiving scholarships from the [DNA] network supported by Creative Europe under the European Commission (2016-2018) and the Hong Kong Jockey Club Music and Dance Fund (2018-2019). He previously studied in SEAD (Austria) after graduating from the Architecture Studies in the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

He premiered his latest solo Click and An Auction without Bass in 2021, unfolding perspectives in performativity and choreography. Democratic interpretation and emancipation in audience is also one of the major genres he has been exploring in his recent solo Everyone knows what it means to think (2019) and his collaboration with Mariana Miranda, /bI’twi:n/ (2019).

He performed in Let it all out (2018) created by Cristian Duarte and worked with Meytal Blanaru in We were the future (2019) which was toured in Europe and South America in 2019. His latest collaboration with Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker Somnia was also premiered in Belgium in 2019. He later also collaborates with local artists, including Action by KT Yau, Switch by Cherry Leung, and We Are Spectacles by Joseph Lee.

In 2020, he, together with his fellows, established an independent art space, ngau4 gat1 dei6, which is an art project exploring how to operate and sustain such art space in local art scene, and sharing spatial resources with fellow artists.

Sudhee LIAO was born and raised in Singapore, she graduated from The Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in Contemporary Dance. Her experience as a dancer is wide ranging, having worked extensively with different international choreographers. She has travelled and performed internationally in various productions and dance festivals. Her works include performances in theatres, galleries, site-specific spaces as well as video works.

As a choreographer, her recent works includes Going live: with enigmatic perception which was shown in Singapore Art Week 2021, Shanghai Power Station of Art and Tai Kwun, Hong Kong. Handbook of Daily Movement, a collaborative piece with poet, Marc Nair was commissioned in Singapore Arts House in March 2020. Faraway My Shadow Wandered, a hybrid dance film co-directed with filmmaker, Liao Jie Kai, was premiered in Singapore International Film Festival 2020, Cinéma du Réel Paris 2021 and International Film Festival Rotterdam 2021. Haptic Compression and Hermetic Diode, a collaborative piece with visual artist, Andrew Luk was commissioned by The Hong Kong Art Festival 2017 and 2018 respectively. Hermetic Diode was also presented in Hong Kong Arts Festival 2021. White Cell, at WING Platform. Not Yet / To Forget, co-choreographed with Ivan Chan was presented in Hong Kong and Malaysia.

She is currently an independent dance artist, choreographer and dance educator.

Sudhee LIAO

Alice MA

Alice MA graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honors) Degree from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA), majoring in Contemporary Dance and Choreography. In 2020, she received ‘Tom Brown Emerging Choreographer’ in the 22nd Hong Kong Dance Awards, she also awarded The Award for Yong Artist by the Hong Kong Arts Development Award 2021.
She has actively involved in stage performances and explore in different media. Collaborated with diverse artists and arts groups including the Hong Kong Arts Festival (HKAF), New Vision Arts Festival, West Kowloon Cultural District, Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, Musica Viva, Music Lab etc. She has been a part-time instructor at City Contemporary Dance Company CCDC Dance Centre and HKAPA School of Dance since 2009 and 2016 respectively. Recent works including Wu and Over-master by HKAF The Hong Kong Jockey Club Contemporary Dance Series, Soulless by E-Side Dance Company, WuDaoQingNian 2015 by CCDC and Upstairs Downstairs by Y-Space. 2019, Wu was selected for the New Dance for Asia – NDA International Festival in Seoul. 2020, Over-master was invited to perform in Japan and Singapore, and also nominated as ‘Outstanding Choreography’ for the 22nd Hong Kong Dance Awards.

Website: www.alice-ma.com


Date: October 30, 2020 - November 1, 2020
Time: -
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