Opening up resonance and empathy

Giving birth to contemporary ways to create and view


It takes an audience to complete the life of a dance work.


As the first local dance company with dramaturgy, CCDC has always supported various dance creation formats to achieve greater diversity and organic growth. This dance season, the Company will continue to work with audiences through different forms of activities: √both affirmed and unknown, unimagined, subjective and multiple viewpoints, and environmental care. Amid the warm autumn weather of 45°C, audiences are invited to experience them together and harvest the ears of wheat refined from dance home.

It started with an invitation from the dance company: to remove constraints and barriers with innovative ideas and the resonance of the physical and the emotional, and to let the meaning of dance emerge. Starting from May, a series of co-practice and co-learning activities will be held to explore new paths for the future of dance on and off stage. 

May & Oct 2024
Ways of seeing – to find unique ways of seeing with you
May 2024 - Feb 2025
Dance season programme extension activities – to establish another level of relationship with the dance work pre- and post-admission
Sep - Dec 2024
Cultivation of work – Study together and let the dramaturgical thinking of choreography and creation unfold