Anniversary Event

New Dance on the Block

5, 6, 7, 8 ── dance an impassioned dance and sow the seeds of dance across the city!

Brimming with fervour, the youths from WuDaoQingNian shoot up from the ground under the bright blue sky. Starting from 2001 carrying the vision of ‘dance emerges from life’, the group perseveres along the erratic crisscross footpaths. Stepping into the 45th dance season, CCDC calls on those who have sweated on the fields of WuDaoQingNian in the past years to sow the seeds of dance again in different corners of today’s Hong Kong.

At the plentiful harvests this fall, the entire city embraces their innocent hearts, regardless of age. The dancing spirit defies the passage of time.

Artistic Coordination: Dominic WONG, Ronly KONG

Choreography: Past  ‘WuDaoQingNian’ members

Nov - Dec 2024
Free of Charge
Hong Kong Sitewide