Season Programme

International Arts Carnival 2024: Sliding into Heart

As the hand-clapping game goes ‘Siu Ming Siu Ming Siu Siu Ming, up up down down left left right right front front back back…puff’, where has he slid to? This summer, the household name ‘Siu Ming’ becomes the protagonist. Let’s slide into a mysterious territory to experience an ‘extra-ordinary’ adventure.

Choreographers Shirley Lok and Peggy Lam join hands to explore familiar everyday elements and themes among children and grown-ups. Against a whimsical backdrop with captivating projections, CCDC dance artists will lead a group of young dancers to embark on an awe-inspiring discovery on stage. We invite you and your family members to be part of this family-friendly contemporary dance adventure!

Concept, Choreography and Direction: Shirley LOK
Concept and Dramaturgy: Alysa LEUNG
Co-choreography and Rehearsal Coaching: Peggy LAM
Set and Lighting Design: Lawmanray
Costume Design: Cheryl CHING
Sound Design: LEUNG Po-wing
Video Design: LO Wing

Creation and Performance:
CCDC Dance Artists
AN Tzu-huan, Felix CHUN, Suyi HON, Felix KE, Eric KWONG, Genie LOK, SHUM Pui-yung, Nini WANG, Skye YAO, Simpson YAU, Tally ZHUANG

Young Dancers
CHAN Chit-Yu, CHAN Hei-Man, CHAN Hei-Nga, Lovaine CHAN, CHAN Yi-Ching, Lana FUNG, Hayslee HO, Emma KWONG, Ella LAM, Emma LAM, Kurtiz LAM, Cara LAU, LEE Chin-Wai, Ciara LEE, LEE Nok-Hei, LEUNG Chung-Yan, LIU Yiqing, NG Lut-San, NG Wan-Ning, Nicole SO, Minna TSANG, Rochelle TSE, Rona TSE, TSUN Tse-Hei, TSUN Tse-Ping, Haley WONG, Merida WONG, Adrienne YUAN, Hayson YUEN

Where will Siu Ming finally slide to? How ‘extra-ordinary’ is his/her imagination?

To warm up our audience, CCDC will present two pre-show summer workshops for families, namely ‘Mommy Daddy Will You Move Like Me?’ Movement Workshop, and ‘A Playground for YOU’ Model Construction Workshop. Kids and parents are invited to stretch their minds and bodies, and get ready for the journey travelling through Siu Ming’s mysterious imagination!

Traditionally, parents play a critical role in planning and making all sorts of decisions for their children – be it big or small matters. These two summer workshops intentionally break away from the ‘parents-driven’ practice and are designed from children’s perspectives, tapping into their creative ideas and ways of thinking. With a series of fun parent-child activities, these workshops aim to inspire parents to see and feel the world from children’s point of view, and better yet, reconnect with their inner child.

‘Mommy Daddy Will You Move Like Me?’ Movement Workshop for Families

‘Stop moving around and sit properly!’

Does this sound familiar to you? Did you get yelled at often when you were a child? Now that you’ve become a parent, do you find yourself saying similar things to your kids?

As parents, we naturally pay close attention to our children’s every movement —how they sit, stand, and behave, and may be tempted to ‘correct’ them. But have you ever wondered what certain movements mean to a child? Do they also see parents’ body movements as ‘Right’ or ‘Wrong’, ‘Good’ or ‘bad’?

The ‘Mommy Daddy Will You Move Like Me?’ Movement Workshop takes a child-centered approach. After observing parents’ movements and learning about their habits, kids will take the lead to ‘teach’ their parents a more fun and playful way to utilise their bodies. Interacting with different props and the surrounding space, the workshop will also enhance both parents’ and children’s awareness of their bodies and external environment.

Led by a professional dance instructor, the workshop encourages parents and kids to step outside of their comfort zone to ‘switch roles’, and explore the possibilities of their own bodies, while keeping an open mind to reimagine things in life! Join us for a delightful afternoon, and ‘let kids be grown-ups, and parents be kids again’!

Date: July 21, 2024 (Sunday)
Time: 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Location: Quarryside (20 Hoi Shin Ln, Quarry Bay)
Fee: $280 (includes one adult and one child)
Instructor: Mary Jane Tang

– Designed for Families (2 in a group, each group includes 1 adult and 1 child)
– If preferred, each family may invite 1 extra family member to join the workshop (no extra charge; indication of whether the third family member will be an adult or a child is needed during registration)
– The workshop is suitable for kids of age 6-12 and is tailored for 1 parent and 1 child. With that in mind, the third family member may not be able to participate the workshop in entirety, or may need to take turns in participating.

Mary Jane Tang
Freelance dance & yoga instructor, artist, and a full-time mom.
Mary holds a Dance & Theatre Performance B.A Degree and a NH K-12 teachers certification from Plymouth State University in USA. She was hired as lead developer for The BabyDance Company, a HK base playgroup for 6 to 36 months old. Mary also works with Arts with the Disabled Association & Jockey Club Dance Well project for people living with Parkinson’s disease. She is passionate for creative dance, ranging from infants to elders. To re-fine individual body awareness through everyday movements and dance expressions. Mary has been a co-creator with Auro Dance of Finland & CCDCDC’s “B Free”. She has continued extended studies and research on theatre for the young ones in recent years with collaboration with CCDC Dance Centre (CCDCDC). Mary is also a long-term dance instructor at CCDCDC.


‘A Playground for YOU’ Model Construction Workshop for Families

City Contemporary Dance Company collaborates with Collab Bazaar to bring you the ‘A Playground for YOU’ Model Construction Workshop for Families. In this creative workshop, kids get to design a personalised playground for their parents, based on their likes and dislikes, preferences and habits using space. What would Dad’s ideal playground look like? Would it include basketball hoops, video games, or model cars? And what about Mom? What would she like to do at the playground? Read books, do yoga, or watching K-dramas in the park?

The workshop follows the principles of ‘Empathy, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test’. It asks the participating families to step into each others’ shoes, with imagination and making use of spatial design tools, families will be led through the process of observation, comprehension, contemplation, creation, and application. Parents and kids, let’s get your hands moving and create a unique mini-playground model of your own, before sliding into the wonderland of Siu Ming!

Date: July 21, 2024 (Sunday)
Time: 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Location: Quarryside
Fee: $360 (includes one adult and one child)

– Designed for Families (2 in a group, each group includes 1 adult and 1 child)
– The workshop is suitable for kids of age 6-12, the workshop fee includes materials for creating one mini-playground model.
– If preferred, each family may invite 1 extra family member to join the workshop (no extra charge; indication of whether the third family member will be an adult or a child is needed during registration)


*Workshops are conducted in Cantonese.
* The workshops are extended activities for Dance Theatre for Families Sliding into Heart. Participants will enjoy discounted price of show tickets upon on-site purchase on the day of workshop.
*Participants who register for both workshops in the same transaction can enjoy $100 off.


Venue Partner:

9-10 Aug 2024 (Fri – Sat) 8pm
10-11 Aug 2024 (Sat – Sun) 3pm
$320, $240, $180
Auditorium, Sha Tin Town Hall