The Artists

Yuri NG

Artistic Director

Born in Hong Kong and an experienced dance artist, Yuri Ng has been involved with ballet, contemporary dance, drama, classical music and a cappella, as well as stage setting and costume design. He began classical ballet training with Jean Wong at the age of six, going on to win scholarships to study in Canada and the United Kingdom. He was awarded the Adeline Genée Gold Medal from the Royal Academy of Dancing (RAD) in 1983 before joining The National Ballet of Canada as a dancer.

After his return to Hong Kong in 1993, Ng established a strong connection with CCDC. He worked with the Company on many performances, including A Game of ____ (1993) as choreographer and set and costume designer; The Second Shirt Skirt Show (1995) and Love On Sale (2008) as choreographer; le beau (1996) and The Firecracker (1997) as choreographer and costume designer. He contributed to Seasonal Syndromes (2008), Very Dance (2009) and The Legend and The Hero (2011) as stage/set and costume designer, and to Requiem HK (2018) as choreographer, set and costume designer.

Yuri Ng received the Artist of the Year Award – Choreographer from Hong Kong Artists’ Guild in 1997 and in 1998, and was awarded the Prix d’ Auteur at the Sixth  Rencontres Choreographiques Internationale de Seine-St-Denis (Bagnolet) for his choreography of Boy Story. His two solo pieces choreographed for Genée International Ballet Competition in 2006 have been adopted into the RAD syllabus. His choreography of A Soldier’s Story, in collaboration with Hong Kong Sinfonietta, received the Hong Kong Dance Awards in 2008. He won a Distinguished Achievement Award at the Hong Kong Dance Awards 2012 and Award for Best Artist (Dance) from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council in 2013. Ng also won Outstanding Choreography and Outstanding Large Venue Production for Requiem HK at the Hong Kong Dance Awards 2019.

Yuri Ng is currently the Artistic Advisor of Yat Po Singers. He was the Hong Kong Sinfonietta’s Artist Associate from 2011-2013.

Dominic WONG

Associate Artistic Director

Dominic Wong was a TV artist for Asia Television Company from 1990 to 1992. He studied modern dance in The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. He joined CCDC after his graduation in 1996 and was promoted as Associate Artistic Director in 2016. He was appointed as Acting Artistic Director since November 2019. He received 2001 and 2013 Hong Kong Dance Awards “Outstanding Performance by a Male Dancer” for his performance in Plaza X and The Comedy of K respectively. He is one of the founding member of the Zero Zero Ensemble. Wong’s choreographic work Men’s Chop Suey (All of A Sudden, 2003) was invited to rerun in the 1st Guangdong Modern Dance Festival. He also choreographed widely for other dance companies including Zero Zero Ensemble, BiLiBaLa Physical Theatre and E-Side Modern Dance Company. Other choreographic works include E.Y.T. (2007), Xtremely Four Seasons (2008), What’s Next? (2009), Punk Side Story (2010), Blind Chance (2012), Second Thoughts (2014), Travelogue (2016) (previous title: Little Pieces), The Little Prince (2017), Day After Day in Season(s) (2018) and The Odyssey of Little Dragon  (2019). Xtremely Four Seasons and Blind Chance were invited to rerun in the 6th and 9th Guangdong Modern Dance Festival. Xtremely Four Seasons and What’s Next? were both hailed by South China Morning Post as one of the “Best Dances” in 2008 and 2009 respectively. Travelogue was awarded the Outstanding Medium Venue Production at The 19th Hong Kong Dance Awards.

Sang Jijia

Resident Choreographer

An ethnic Tibetan born in Gansu, Sang Jijia studied at the Beijing Central University for Nationalities and was a dancer with Guangdong Modern Dance Company (GMDC) from 1993 to 1998. He won the Gold Medal in the Modern Dance section of the Paris International Dance Competition in 1996 and was hailed as “Star of the Century” by the Guangdong Provincial Government in 1997. He was awarded the Asian Cultural Council Scholarship and American Dance Festival Scholarship in 1998 and 1999 respectively. He was a dancer of CCDC from 1999 to 2002. In 2002, Sang was chosen by the Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative to study choreography under William Forsythe in Germany and stayed with Ballett Frankfurt and the Forsythe Company as assistant choreographer and dancer. Sang returned to China in 2006 and, since then, has created a number of full-length works for dance companies – CCDC, Beijing’s LDTX and GMDC. These works include Unspeakable (2007), Sticks (2007), As If To Nothing (2009), Standing Before Darkness (2010) and Layer Code (2013). Recognised for his powerful technique and performing to rave reviews in Asia and the West, Sang has collaborated with leading choreographers around the globe. He created Reflection of Others for Frankfurt Ballett in 2004. In 2013, he was commissioned by the Norwegian dance company Carte Blanche to create Not Here, Not Ever and Pa|Ethos for Spellbound Contemporary Ballet in 2015, taking part in Fabbrica Europa Festival for the second time. Sang Jijia is currently Resident Choreographer of CCDC. His latest work Fragile Beauty premiered in Hong Kong in June 2016. It was restaged at the Beijing Dance Festival in July to great acclaim.


Company Dramaturg

Melissa Leung graduated from the Department of Sports Science and Physical Education of the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor of Education and Postgraduate Diploma in Education.

Melissa also pursued her professional development in theatre in Singapore. She was the 2nd batch of graduate in “The Theatre Training and Research Programme” (TTRP, now known as Intercultural Theatre Institute, ITI). She was trained in four classical Asian theatre forms – the Indian dance Bharatanatyam, the Indonesian court dance Wayang Wong, Beijing opera and Japanese Noh – as well as Stanislavski and post-Stanislavki acting techniques.

After graduating from TTRP, Melissa returned to Hong Kong and chalked up experience in various aspects of theatre ­– acting, directing, education and arts administration. A very all rounded theatre practitioners, Melissa is known for her intense and exquisite physical acting.

As a trained PE teacher and with a wide range experiences in education around the world, Melissa developed her global and far-reaching vision in education.

At 2013-2014, Melissa joined RCE Tongyeong, Korea, an international network acknowledged by the UNU, as program designer and international cooperation. She planned Asia-Pacific education programs, networking international all disciplinary talents and educators.

For 4 years, Melissa was the Director of Education and Outreach of The Theatre Practice in Singapore.

Bruce WONG

Rehearsal Master

Born in Hong Kong, Bruce Wong entered The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 1995, where he was awarded several scholarships and chosen to represent the Academy on overseas tours during his study. In 1998, he was awarded an Asian Cultural Council fellowship to participate in the American Dance Festival in the U.S. Wong joined CCDC as a dancer upon graduating in modern dance from the Academy in 2000. In 2009 he left CCDC to further his studies and received a Jockey Club Scholarship to attend Hollins University in the U.S. for a Master’s degree. Most recently, he was selected as one of the few finalists in dance worldwide for the prestigious Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative. He returned to the CCDC in 2012. His recent choreography includes The Legend and The Hero (with Willy Tsao and Dominic Wong), Dress Me Down in Strip Teaser 2012Re/dis-connect in It’s My TurnHow to Become … in Eureka and Why not kill us all. Wong is also passionate in martial arts, and was the section champion at the 2nd Hong Kong Open Wushu Championship in 2006.



Felix KE

Bobo LAI

Peggy LAM

Shirley LOK


Zelia TAN

Simpson YAU

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