Selected CCDC Signature Productions

Choreographer: Helen Lai

“A powerful dance about modern women searching for their own identities”
 – China Daily, China

 “The use of fans and red handkerchiefs add a fascinating visual dimension to the scene.”
– South China Morning Post, Hong Kong

Choreographer: Helen Lai

Testimony was selected as one of the five TOP DANCE productions in 2006 by the South China Morning Post, Hong Kong.

“… a powerful, full-length work based on the life of Dmitri Shostakovich, combined dance with theatre and video to striking effect.”
– South China Morning Post, Hong Kong

“Terry Chan’s videos and Leo Cheung and David Sheekwan’s designs are excellent. The dancing is powerful while Lee’s acting is a tour de force. A triumph.”
– South China Morning Post, Hong Kong

“… [the audience shall be] surprised by how much difference and ingenuity [Helen] she’s achieved.”
– MUSE, Hong Kong

“Testimony is a typical Hong Kong style theatrical piece. Very illustrative and with sincere attitude.”
 Xinkuaibao, China

“Testimony of Hong Kong City Contemporary Dance Company is the most popular performance (in 4th Guangdong Modern Dance Festival).”
– Xinkuaibao, China

The Comedy of K
Choreographer: Helen Lai

“This 100-minute ambitious work evokes the dreamlike absurdity of Kafka’s fictions… It demonstrates Helen Lai’s unique choreographic style originated from the contemporary European dance theatre. Some scenes are unforgettable: a pair of dancers in black costumes dances on the foggy stage creates an eerie and yet romantic feeling; in another fiercely powerful scene, dancers take turns to jump onto a bed; a pianist dances with a masked couple, invoking an ambiguously androgynous mood and profound meanings. On the whole, the company did a marvellous performance.”
– Hong Kong Economic Journal, Hong Kong

Silver Rain
Choreographers: Willy Tsao, Helen Lai, Mui Cheuk-yin, Pun Siu-fai, Xing Liang, Yuri Ng

“… CCDC’s 2004 Silver Rain rose much above the realm of professionally crafted theatrics to an expressive world of its own. Silver Rain unfolds as an array of contrasting theatrical visions from China’s past and present.”
 The Asian Wall Street Journal, USA

“… the works shared a vibrant sense of theatre and strong visual imagery… A bit of beauty, echoes of the past, quirkiness and a hearty dose of spectacle capped a programme in which these three elements were infrequent and alluring play.”
– Washington Post, USA

“City Contemporary Dance Company from Hong Kong, was the most successful, offering a dizzying program of excerpts that had been previously knit together to form an actual new piece, Silver Rain.”
 The New York Times, USA

“It is a banquet of dance… The sophisticated modern dance language enriches the context of the traditional elements.”
– Beijing Daily, China

365 Ways of Doing and Undoing Orientalism
Choreographers: Willy Tsao, Sang Jijia, Xing Liang


“Two female dancers stood on a table, constantly fluttering their long white sleeves which dropped vertically onto the white floor. Simultaneously they turned their bodies to the right in a mechanical movement. It was a moment where the eastern aesthetics clashed with the western… it was both delicate and impressive.” 
– Jasper (Dance Critics), Hong Kong

“There was a waterfall at the back of the open stage, and a fire was burning in the middle of some sand on the front stage. Three male dancers represented the Earth, the Water and the Wind respectively. Led by the Wind (Sang jijia), they started a slow and profound dance… the simple movement had quite a taste of Zen.” 
– Dance Journal, Hong Kong

“… full of cynicism, and the choreography was well-defined.” 
– Xiao Cang, Hong Kong

365 Ways highlights the incredible strength of CCDC’s highly trained dancers… an action-packed show that breaks new grounds in China’s otherwise limited contemporary dance scene.” 
– Courier Mail, Australia

“… a clever work operating on both personal and philosophical levels to question the West’s fascination with the Orient” 
– The Australian, Australia

“Best twist on tradition” 
– Houston Chronicle, USA

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