Youth Dance Development Programme – ‘Striding On’

With the passionate about dance, 22 youngsters were selected via audition to join ‘Youth Dance Development Program’ Striding On’ for a series of training and rehearsals led by CCDC Teaching Artist Peggy Lam. Public performances at open areas in Tai Po by the team members reach the community to showcase the charm of contemporary dance intimately.


Have you ever been passionate about life throughout the past years?
Every time when you faced challenges, have you been courageous to overcome?
Have you been caring about success or failure?
Have you been worried about others’ opinions and judgments?
Have you ever listened to your heart and followed your own thoughts?
No matter what your answer is, it’s fine.
Your own feeling is what you should care of.
Enjoy the moment, make it count.

Choreography: Peggy LAM (CCDC Teaching Artist)
Assistant Choreography and Performance: Grace WONG, WONG Siu-kwun
Creation and Performance: CHAN Kam-ching, CHAN Ming-ying, CHAN Yeuk-ling, CHEN Kit-kit, CHEUNG Hiu-tung, Charlotte CHUNG, CHUNG Pui-shan, Anna KWOK, LAU Hiu-wing, LEE Cheung-yan, LEE Ka-po, MAN Lim-chi, NI Xuelai, PANG Lok-sze, PUN Ching-ting, WONG Hoi-ching, WONG Sze-yu, WU Shu-lam, Cindy YUEN

Acknowledgment: Home Affairs Department
Partner: Dancing Life Academy

Enquiry: 3170 9925 (Ms Li) /

Tai Po Arts Centre Outdoor Activity Space

20.1.2024 (Sat) 4pm

21.1.2024 (Sun) 11:30am & 3pm


Fu Shin Estate Town Square

27.1.2024 (Sat) 4pm

28.1.2024 (Sun) 11:30am & 3pm

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