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Special Offers
2020 4th Term Dance Courses & Children Dance Courses

CCDC Dance Card holders can enjoy an early enrolment discount during the period: 12-25.10.2020

Enrolment discount period open for non CCDC Card Holders:13-25.10.2020
  • 25% discount for CCDC Dance Card Holders and 15% discount for non-members who enrol during the early enrolment period
  • 15% discount for CCDC Dance Card Holders after the early enrolment period
  • The offer is not applicable to "Special Course", "Flexicoupon" , "Morining Class Series" and  "Short Courses".
  • Course fee will be rounded up to dollars and the hightest fee will be charged.
  • Please heck here for more enrollment information.            .
Course Fee

Early Enrolment Discount Period


  On or after (26.10.2020)                         
No. of course(s) CCDC Dance Card Holder (HK$) Open for public (HK$)   No. of course(s) CCDC Dance Card Holder (HK$) Open for public (HK$)
1 1,163 1,318   1 1,318 1,550
2 2,326 2,636   2 2,636 3,100
3 2,908 3,295   3 3,295 3,875
4 3,489 3,954   4 3,954 4,650
5 3,489 3,954   5 3,954 4,650
* The above fee are not applicable to Special CoursesMorning Class Series and Short Courses.

Children Dance Programme Early Enrolment

Early Enrolment Discount Period : 10.10 Sat, 10am - 25.10 Sun, 6pm 2020

Online registration for Early Enrolment Discount Period : 10.10 Sat, 10am - 18.10 Sun, 6pm 2020

By post, fax or in person:From 19.10 Mon, 10am 2020


Download Children Dance Courses Enrolment Form

* 10% discount for  CCDC Kids Card Holders after early enrolment period
* The privilege is not applicable to "Ballet-Graded Examinations Classes" and "Little Star".
Remarks : The Centre will cancel courses which the no. of enrolment falls below the requisite minium on 30.10.2020 (Fri).
“Dance More Get More” Scheme
  • Offer I : If you enrol in two courses, you can take a third course at half price
  • Offer II : If you enrol in three courses, you will get TWO complimentary courses


  1. Students can choose either one of the above special offers.
  2. This offer is only valid for  Dance Courses.  
  3. Students can enjoy the benefits of Early Enrolment Discount and “Dance More Get More Scheme” together.
  4. Course fee will be rounde up to dollars and the highest fee will be charged.
  5. Different discounts are avilable for available for specific credit card holders. However, these offers cannot be used in conjunction with other benefits.


“Let’s Dance Together” Programme
2020 4th Term  – Dance Courses / Children Dance Courses

Earning tremendous positive feedbacks of the “Let’s Dance Together” Programme, CCDC Dance Centre is going to present it again in the new term. Introduce your friends to CCDC Dance Centre now to share the joy of dance as well as this special offer!

Dance Courses: Current CCDC students joins 2020 4th Term courses > Refer any new students for any course > Get a Single Class Coupon each

Children Dance Courses: Current students joins 2020 4th Term Children Dance Courses > Refer any new student (aged 12 or below) for any Children Dance Courses > Get a 5% discount each + a Single Class Coupon for parent.
Terms and Conditions:
  1. Valid until 11.11.2020
  2. Please ensure the referrer’s name and contact number are accurately filled in the enrolment form before submission to enjoy the offer. (Late submission of such details will not be accepted)
  3. Both the new and current students of Children Dance Courses must enrol at the same time to enjoy the discount.
  4. New students are those who have never joined the courses at CCDC Dance Centre before.
  5. Referrers may invite up to 4 new students.
  6. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with the purchase of Flexicoupons and enrolment of Special Courses.
  7. Single Class Coupon can be redeemed at CCDC Dance Centre’s office from 05.11-04.12.2020. Please present the enrolment receipt for redemption. Redemption after the specified period will not be entertained.
  8. For Single Class Coupon is valid until 05.02.2021.
  9. For the usage details of Single Class Coupon, please refer to CCDC Dance Centre’s website or the courses booklet.
  10. The offer not applicable to online registration.
  11. Enquiry: 2328 9205 or


Different discounts are available for specific credit card holders. However, these offers cannot be used in conjunction with other benefits.
For Credit Card Offer, pleae click here and for Other Offer, please click here. For other more details or call us on 2328 9205 for information.


Special offer to Parents
Parents of Children Dance Programmes’ students can enjoy discount for the “Special Courses” held by CCDC Dance Centre.


Remarks: Course fee will be rounded up to dollars and the highest fee will be charged.



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