「Dancing Never Stops」Dance Gallery

Say goodbye to 42 years of glory, dance into a new era!

As we officially move the Tai Po Arts Centre, a special event “Dancing Never Stops” is in order at the Wong Tai Sin CCDC Dance Centre. From October 12 to 17, we celebrate the completion of the dance centre’s historical mission.

“Dancing Never Stops” is the last public event taking place in the CCDC Dance Centre. A series of exciting events awaits, including performances, exhibitions and workshops. “Diary VII” by MUI Cheuk-yin brings this autobiographical series back to its birthplace; former and current administrative staff of the Dance Centre will join forces to create a unique site-specific dance number “We’re All in this Together”. Using dance, they communicate with this unique working space. Dance Centre instructors and students will also present one last dance finale presented by Centre’s instructors and students.

Come to the Wong Tai Sin Dance Centre to take in the free exhibition featuring rare photographs by Mr. Ringo Chan, whose works witnessed the evolution of this place.

The CCDC Dance Centre will also partner with the International Association of Theatre Critics (Hong Kong Branch) to present two live webcasts seminars on October 12-13, inviting industry professionals and artists to discuss and share their thoughts.


Date: 12-17/10/2021
Venue: CCDC Dance Centre (Wong Tai Sin)
Opening hours: 12:00-6:00pm
Ticket type:
Exhibition: free and open
Dance workshop: free (pre-registration required)
“Never Stops” is a charity package that includes a donation of $99 and a performance ticket worth $1.

Dancing Contemporary City: “Review and Prospect of CCDC Dance Centre” Seminar

Co-organized by the CCDC Dance Centre and the International Association of Theatre Critics (IATC) with two online forums. From different aspects, guests will review how the dance centre allows artists to grow in Forum 1. Both the original dance centre in Wong Tai Sin and the newly settled Tai Po Arts Centre, are former schools, guests in Forum 2 will explore challenges faced by developing idle spaces in Hong Kong and beyond.


Forum 1: Dance Centre and my Personal Growth and Creation
Date/ October 12, 2021 (Tuesday)
Time/ 2000-2130
Venue / CCDC Dance Centre Studio 7
Host/ William Chan (art critic)
Panellists/ Anna Chan (Dean of School of Dance, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts), Alice Ma (choreographer), Wayson Poon (choreographer)


Forum 2: Idle schools and Other Spaces and the Challenge of Cultural Reconstruction
Date/ October 13, 2021 (Wednesday)
Time/ 2000-2130
Venue / CCDC Dance Centre Studio 7
Host/ Melissa Leung (CCDC Company Dramaturg)
Panellists / Rick Lam (Co-Founder and Director, Architecture Commons), Eno Yim (Director, School of Everyday Life), Joanna Lee (art critic)


Language / Cantonese
Registration/free of charge, register by clicking this link: https://forms.gle/YP3sTjrc5uqK6buB8
(Spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis; on-site participants will receive a souvenir.)
Live broadcast / Facebook live broadcast at the same venue. For details, please refer to the relevant page.
Co-organized by / CCDC Dance Centre, International Association of Performing Arts Critics (Hong Kong Branch).

“Dancing Never Stops” special programme

MUI Cheuk-yin Dance Theatre Diary VII … (excerpts)

In the early morning hours in the old city, when the moonlight is hazy, MUI Cheuk-yin and her cat walked on tiptoes. The light was dim, shadow faintly lies on wet cardboard, sometimes jumping, sometimes stretching, and sometimes contorting.

Diary has been a dance theatre series created by Hong Kong’s renowned dance artist MUI Cheuk-yin since 1986. The birth and growth of the work is inseparable from the Wong Tai Sin CCDC Dance Centre. The first three editions of Diary (I, II, III) were conceptualised, rehearsed and premiered here. After many years, Mui’s Diary has grown in the same way the CCDC Dance Centre has. Through words, light, shadow and sound, Diary VII documents the years Mui’s life with stray cats. The work’s excerpt will be performed in “Dancing Never Stops”, so that this creation can return to its birthplace.


Creative and Production Team
Choreographer/Dancer: MUI Cheuk Yin
Producer: CHUNG Siu Mui
Lighting Designer: LEE Chi Wai
Set Designer: YUEN Hon Wai
Costume Designer: Kay WONG
Sound Designer: LEUNG Po Wing


Date: 16, 17/10/2021
Venue: Jockey Club Dance Theatre (Wong Tai Sin CCDC Dance Centre)
Time: 2:00pm; 3:00pm; 4:00pm; 5:00pm
“Never Stops” is a charity package that includes a donation of $99 and a performance ticket worth $1.

This work is commissioned by Tai Kwun Centre for Heritage and Arts and premiered in 2021 Tai Kwun Performing Arts Season: SPOTLIGHT

Site-specific Dance Theatre We’re All in this Together!

If you have been to the CCDC Dance Centre for classes, you will be familiar with the heart of the centre — the first-floor office. It controls the daily operation of the Centre. Whether it is courses inquiry, classes registration, or dance supplies purchase, our professional office staff will be on hand to attend to your needs. What may surprise you is that our staff members all have dance in their blood! Many of us started taking dance classes here, and our enthusiasm for dance continues unabated. We’re All in this Together! is our final tribute to the place where we dance, work and love.


Choreographer: Ardis YEUNG
Anthea CHAN | CCDC Dance Centre | Deputy Director 1997-2009
BenJOE | CCDC Dance Centre | Technical Coordinator 2002-2006 (Part time 1997)
Celeste SHAI | CCDC Dance Centre | Assistant Project Manager 2005-2008
LO Ho Yan | CCDC Dance Centre | Course Coordinator 2019 till now (Part time)
Stephanie CHUNG | CCDC Dance Centre | Course Coordinator 2021 till now (Part time)


Date: 16, 17/10/2021
Location: CCDC Dance Centre-1st floor office
Time: 4:00pm; 5:00pm
“Never Stops” is a charity package that includes a donation of $99 and a performance ticket worth $1.


“Dancing Never Stops-Gallery 3: Dance Promotion and Education”

CCDC has been providing dance classes as early as 1990. By 2004, the dance centre was formally established to provide various types of dance courses, attracting countless dance enthusiasts to the Wong Tai Sin Dance Centre. A number of youth dance training programs are also held, to further promote the art of dance to the community. Furthermore, the centre also put out many performances to provide a platform for young creators. Gallery 3 will display the previous course brochures, performance programme leaflets, and related printed materials, allowing the audience to reminisce about the past.

Date: 12-17/10/2021
Opening hours: 12:00 noon – 6:00 pm
Venue: CCDC Dance Centre-Studio 3

“Dancing Never Stops-Gallery 6: Urban Auditorium”

The CCDC Dance Centre has been a Wong Tai Sin institution for forty-two years. It was originally the staff dormitory of Rainbow Textiles and Rainbow Printing Factory. In the late 1980s, the basement became “City Theatre”, providing space for local performance groups, leaving behind many legendary works. Through projected photographs, this gallery will showcase the past and present of the dance centre.

Date: 12-17/10/2021
Opening hours: 12 – 6pm
Venue: CCDC Dance Centre-Rehearsal Room 6

“Dancing Never Stops- Gallery 5: The Dancer Library Sharing Exhibition WDQN Time-Capsule

The Young Sky – Podium Dance Project 2002 kicked off CCDC’S modern dance youth training program. Since 2003, it has been transformed into the biennial ” Wu Dao Qing Nian” Professional Training Performance Program, which provides ten months of professional training to eligible young people. It aims to train young people and help them open the door to professional dance. “Wu Dao Qing Nian” is inseparable from the development of CCDC Dance Centre. On the eve of WDQN’s 20th anniversary, Dancing Never Stops will present The Dancer Library on 16 and 17 October. In the Review session, the alumnus of WDQN will share their memories and life after the training.

Date: October 16, 17
Time: 12:15-14:00, 14:15-1600
Venue: CCDC Dance Centre- Studio 5

“Dancing Never Stops- Gallery 8: “Dancing Never Stops • Mini Film Fest”

CCDC Dance Centre combines training, rehearsal, and creation. For many years, it has provided space for creators to develop unlimited creativity. As a functional venue, it has also become one of the creative elements. During the period of Dancing Never Stops, Exhibition Room No. 8 will be transformed into a screening room. Dancing Never Stops • Mini Film Fest multiple dance videos will be screened on repeat. Contributors include: Maurice LAI, Bruce WONG, Cyrus HUI, Elaine KWOK, Chloe WONG, WONG Tan-ki and CCDC Dance Centre, etc. The selected films are all shot in the Wong Tai Sin Dance Centre.

Date: 12-17/10/2021
Time: 12-6pm
Location: CCDC Dance Centre-Studio 8

“Dancing Never Stops-Themed Photography Exhibition: Remembering Mr. Ringo Chan”

The theme photography exhibition will show several works by the late dance photographer Mr. Ringo Chan. Mr. Chan was one of the original dancers of the City Contemporary Dance Company and later became the Deputy Artistic Director of the Company. He was also an out-standing dance photographer and has photographed countless wonderful works for CCDC and Hong Kong dancers. Through these precious photos, visitors can review Mr. Chan’s photographic attainments and review classic dance scenes.

Date: 12-17/10/2021
Time: 12-6pm
Location: CCDC Dance Centre- second floor public space

“Dancing Never Stops” Workshop

Free dance workshop (pre-registration required)

The dance courses of the CCDC Dance Centre have always been known for rigorous training and diversified choices; a total of 8 different free classes, including adult classes, children’s classes and family fun classes. Come and join the fun!

Date: 16-17.10.2021 (Saturday and Sunday)
Venue: CCDC Dance Centre (Wong Tai Sin)

For course details, please refer to: http://www.ccdc.com.hk/farewell-offers/