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17 Nov

‘City Contemporary Dance Festival 2023’ HOTPOT East Asia Dance Platform

November 17, 2023 - November 19, 2023

‘City Contemporary Dance Festival 2023’ HOTPOT East Asia Dance Platform

Dance artists from China, Japan and South Korea will once again gather at the ‘HOTPOT East Asia Dance Platform’ after two years of waiting. These top dance talents from the region will travel to Hong Kong – bringing with them top-notch contemporary performances steeped in their own cultures – for an international audience in one of the city’s most anticipated celebrations of dance this November.

Hong Kong Focus
17.11.2023 [Fri] 4pm
Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Greater China I
18.11.2023 [Sat] 5pm
Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

18.11.2023 [Sat] 8pm
Theatre, Sheung Wan Civic Centre

Greater China II
19.11.2023  [Sun] 5pm
Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

19.11.2023 [Sun] 8pm
The Box, Freespace, West Kowloon Cultural District


IT’S NOT MY BODY chapter 3.5


Tanki Wong is a freelance dancer, teacher, choreographer, multimedia designer, and one of the founders of NEO Dance HK. His creation Division was awarded the 1st prize at the 7th Jerusalem International Choreography Competition. Galatea and Pygmalion and Galatea X received the Hong Kong Dance Awards for ‘Outstanding Achievement in Independent Dance’ and ‘Outstanding Achievement in Choreography’ in 2011 and 2014 respectively. Wong received the ‘Award for Young Artist’ at the Hong Kong Arts Development Awards in 2014. His video work Come Rain Or Shine got the ‘Outstanding Cinematography’ and ‘Outstanding Film’ at Manifest Dance-film Festival 2022.

Choreography, Performance, Props Design, Sound Design and Editing

Tanki WONG


Original Music

Wolff Bergen


Lighting Design



Props Coordination

TSUI Wai-hong (Voyu) @Siu Fung Production


The premiere of this work is presented by Hong Kong Dance Exchange

Through THE LENS

Photo:Wong Yiu Kuen Jack

Rosalie Ng is one of the regular evening class tutors of Beyond Dance Theater. She graduated from the University of Hong Kong, majoring in Translation. In 2017, she completed a professional dancer training programme, AS Dance Project, as well as cooperating with a Japanese music band YUZU and performed in their concert. Besides stage performance, she participated in filming as well, including the role of a dancer in I Love You, You Are Perfect. Recent performances include: Before… in ‘New Force in Motion’ Series, Beyond Dance Theater’s Remnants, The Wind Of Empty. She was the choreographer of musical Love at First Snow and Through THE LENS in Train Of Thoughts by Beyond Dance Theater.

Choreography and Performance

Rosalie NG*


Producer and Artistic Advisor

Kelvin MAK Cheuk-hung*



CHAN Hau-ying*, Rhyn CHEUNG*, Peggy CHOW*, LAM Hoi-ling*


Lighting Design

Light Q Go 


Set and Costume Design

CHU Siu-ming 


*By kind permission of Beyond Dance Theater


The premiere of this work was presented by Beyond Dance Theater as one of the works in Train Of Thoughts (2022)

01 Waiting

Photo:Carmen So

Duncan Tung is a Hong Kong native. He was a Teaching Artist of CCDC from 2018 to 2021 and was involved in a wide range of arts education and dance productions. He graduated from the School of Drama at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and Visual Communication at the Hong Kong Design Institute. He attended Mask Class under Manifesto Poetic’s Artistic Director Carlos Garcia Estevez in Ecole Internationale de Theatre Jacques Lecoq. Recent performances and creations include The 419 of lunar, Ins n Outs 2.0, 01 Waiting, music video Fairy Godmonster, Nomad.

Choreography and Performance

Duncan TUNG



Ruby LAI, Wesley WONG, Tina WONG 


Music Composition

Jerry SZE 


Set and Props Design

Stephanie LEE


Costume Design

 Yoki LAI


The premiere of this work was presented by Hong Kong Dance Alliance as a commissioned work of the ‘New Force In Motion’ series (2022)


Photo:Cheung Chi Wai

Photo:Cheung Chi Wai

KT Yau graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. She was a Resident Choreographer of Unlock Dancing Plaza and a Dancer of Y-Space. In 2016, she furthered her dance studies in Israel. In 2018, Yau received the ‘Award for Young Artist’ at the Hong Kong Arts Development Awards and ‘Emerging Choreographer’ at the Hong Kong Dance Awards. She received ‘Outstanding Small Venue Production’ at the Hong Kong Dance Awards for Unmixed (2018) and Confine (2019), both of which were also nominated for ‘Outstanding Choreography’. Remain Invisible won the ‘Out of the Box’ award at the Gothenburg Fringe Festival in 2018.





Ze HUI, Helen KO, Jasmine LAM, LO King-San, Jennifer MOK


Lighting Design



Sound Design

LEUNG Po-wing 


The premiere of this work was presented by CCDC as one of the works in Project NEXT Wave (2020)

Let’s Leave This Place Roofless

Albert Garcia is a multi-disciplinary artist and was born and raised in Macao of Filipino descent. As a migrant and performance maker, he uses the body and multimedia as a vessel for questioning and showing their identity. Reflecting when viewing the landless state of a multi-hybrid identity. His works interrogate topics about identity, belonging, movements, migration, body of labor and survival. Garcia is a graduate of University of Macao where he majored in Media studies and Masters in Fine Arts in Dance Performance at Taipei University of the Arts. He was also invited to different productions, festivals, and collaborated with international artists.

Choreography and Concept




LEONG Kuan-pou, LEONG Pou-seng 


Rehearsal Assistance

YUAN Yi-chieh    

Boiling Bo

Photo:Ah Sze

Photo:Yuen Hon-wai

Bobo Lai graduated in Contemporary Dance from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. She was a full-time dancer at Guangdong Modern Dance Company from 2009 to 2014. She joined CCDC in 2015, becoming a Senior Dance Artist in 2022. In 2023, she transitioned as a freelancer and participated in various art creations as an independent choreographer and dance artist. Her recent choreographic works include One Plus One Ant, X -85213 and Boiling Bo .

Choreography and Performance

Bobo LAI  

This is a Process


Liu Qingyu is a dancer, choreographer, teacher and the Resident Choreographer of Ergao Dance Production Group. She graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with a Master of Fine Arts in Dance Choreography and received the Society of the Academy for Performing Arts Scholarship. She was a full-time dancer in Guangdong Modern Dance Company from 2009 to 2017, and joined Ergao Dance Production Group in 2021. Her choreographies focus on her growth process. She uses the body to respond individually thinking about ‘The Self’ and her own reconstruction process, while also practising how to connect with diverse groups of people.

Concept, Choreography and Performance

LIU Qingyu





Lighting Design

LOW Shee-hoe


This project is supported by CCDC’s ‘Fellowships for Contemporary Dance Creation and Research’

Byeol Yang

Photo:Dohee Lee

Photo:Narang Choi

Choi Soyoung is a choreographer and dance artist based in Seoul. She graduated from Korea National University of Arts and is studying at Sungkonghoe University. She is a founding member of Art Project BORA. Her choreographies include Gold, Byeol Yang and Material. She is interested in reproducing keywords expressed in everyday life or experience and materialising them to explore various subjects of arts. She is also interested in forms that deviate from the existing characteristics of dance and researching ways to solve personal, social or contemporary concerns in a metaphorical and intuitive way.

Artistic Director

KIM Bora



CHOI Soyoung



SUH Yejin, SOHN Seungri


Lighting Design

LEE Seungho


Costume Design

CHOI Insook



KIM Jaeduk



LEE Mijin

In My Own Name

Cho Inho is a contemporary dance artist from South Korea. He creates his works in a unique way by incorporating his own style into Korean contemporary dance. He focuses on the essence of Korean dance and utilises his dance language to create more concrete and profound works.

His work revolves around traditional Korean elements such as breathing, rhythm and the flow of dance, as well as modern dance expressions. He strives to explore the depth of dance by depicting the transformations that occur based on the form of dance, music, and spatial characteristics. Through his works, he aims to showcase the diversity of Korean contemporary dance with strong Korean breathing in traditional dance and modern interpretations.

Choreography and Performance

CHO Inho


Physical Creator and Performance

JI Seohwon


Live Music and Performance

YUN Sebi


Rehearsal Director

KIM Miyoung

Quotation Dance

Photo:2019 Arko Create Sang Hoon

Chung Da Soul is a choreographer based in Seoul and Hamburg. She is interested in things that do not dance in choreography and the potential of choreography as social and political apparatus. She addresses the questions about systems and methods of possessing dance and choreography.

Concept, Choreography and Text




JUNG Kyungmi


Art Director Assistant

KWON Taehyun



IM Eunjeong, JOO Hyeyoung, YOO Jiyoung


Lighting Design

KIM Eunbin


No Comment

Photo:Si Nae Kim

Shin Changho graduated from the Korea National University of Arts (K-Arts) and was the Artistic Director of Laboratory Dance Project. He previously worked at the Laban Dance Centre and the Theatre of St. Gallen in Switzerland. His major work No comment received international acclamation and was performed in overseas festivals and theatres including Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival (US), Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Olhao Municipal Auditorium (Portugal), Dansens Hus (Sweden), The Place (UK), Künstlerhaus Mousonturm (Germany) and Theater Winterthur (Switzerland). He is currently a professor at K-Arts.


SHIN Changho



AHN Jinsung, CHA Jihyuk, JEONG Geonse, JO Jeongik, KIM Jaemin, MOON Daegyu, SEO Youngbin, YANG Hyunseok


Photo:Mok Jinwoo

Photo:Choi Narang

Kim Bora is the Artistic Director and Choreographer of Art Project BORA. Kim breaks down the concepts of genre and space with the body as a subject and discovers the original image and sense of transformation by exploring the original form of the body. 

Kim’s choreographic concepts are not verbalised. Although the structure is not expressed by language, her works contain abstract but imaginary images that are interpreted for each individual. She focuses more on image-telling, as the ‘design’ image of movement becomes a message by exploring the phenomenon of the body.

Artistic Director and Choreography

KIM Bora



CHOI Soyoung, HONG Seonghyun, JEONG Jongung, KIM Heejun, KIM Yunji, LEE Kyuheon


Lighting Design

LEE Seungho 


Sound Design

LEE Dongjune 



LEE Mijin


Little One

Chen Mengxi is a Dance Artist and Director. Her works focus on the hidden and unseen messages of life, and she is interested in exploring the overlapping relationship between the screen and the body. She is currently the Director of SEED studio and joined Beijing Junran Art, where she developed contemporary theater and dance creation practices. Chen graduated from Salzburg Experimental Dance Academy, Austria (SEAD) with a master’s degree, and her representative works include Little One, The Cove, and others.

Direction and Visual Design

Cici CHEN     



DING Li, HE Xinye, LI Jinhui, LUO Huanhuan, WANG Meizhi 


Visual Creation and Visual Design

ZHU Jiapeng


Why does the moon come out at night?


Zhang Mie is the founder of Ought To Dance, member of Anhui Dancers Association and member of International Dance Council. She was the Executive Director and Choreographer of the China National Art Fund project The Legend of Geng Lu and the Special Director of the China-Italy cultural exchange project Nature body and sound. In 2019, she initiated the dance experiment Fei Hua Ling, looking for the balance between the body’s internal and external aspects in different environments, dismantling solidified habits of the body and mind. Her major works include The Catch, Zhang San and His Head and Limbs, Shh, etc.

Concept, Choreography, Sound Recording and Music Design




LIN Kangmei, LIU Yifeng, LUO Wenwen, NING Kangjie

Degenerate Evolution


Tai Chi-lun’s creative style incorporates elements of nihilism, allowing viewers to express their negative emotions and experience the melancholic beauty within. His works integrate interdisciplinary elements and installations, seeking the transcendence of individual will and embodying a sense of realisation of the value of existence in reality. Tai was invited to collaborate and perform with various organisations, including Chiayi New Style Choreography, Grasstraw Festival, Cloud Gate Art Makers Project, Seed Dance, Taipei Fringe Festival, Math-rock Band Elephant Gym, and Grass Power Studio Production. He is currently the Director of White Dance Theatre.

Choreography and Performance

TAI Chi-lun



CHEN Yi-ting, LIAO Chin-ting

Da Dad Dada

Photo:Yulia Skogoreva

Saori Hala is a choreographer and performer based in Berlin and Tokyo. She works with her own body and diverse media, based on a background in dance, design and ecopsychology. Her projects explore the relationship between the social environment and physical body, interweaving reality and fiction on stage while constructing organic and inorganic materials, space and time. The Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 and the nuclear accident in Fukushima inspired her relocation to Germany, and the start of her research into environment and body. Her works have been performed mainly in Japan and Europe. She has been working as a resident artist at Dance Base Yokohama since 2020, and a guest artist in the repertory piece Brüste und Eier at the Thalia Theater in Hamburg, Germany since 2022.

Concept, Performance, Staged Objects, Music Composition and Video Design

Saori HALA 


Voice Over



Staged Objects

Mizuno Nakamura, Rion ONAYA, Kouki TOI, Yuya YOSHIZAKI


Music Composition

Christophe CHARLES


Costume Design



Stage Manager



Lighting Design



Sound Design



Video Technical Support

Takaki SUDO


Production Manager



Video excerpt taken from Japanese movie Asphalt Girl © KADOKAWA (1964)

ZOU made from fume

Photo:Tsukada Yoichi

Photo:Hitoha Nasu

Ikumi Kurosu is the founder of Bushman. Since 2018, he has been participating as a member of Condor and has gained attention for his unique exploration of unconventional body movements. He has received three awards at Yokohama Dance Collection, including the ‘Jury Prize’, at the Yokohama Dance Collection 2015EX and 2017. He has been invited to perform at the ‘Sibiu International Theatre Festival’ as well as in South Korea, Hungary, and Malaysia. In 2020, he received the ‘Japan Dance Forum Award’. Leveraging his decade-long experience as an educator, he conducts workshops for children, seniors, and individuals with disabilities. Additionally, he serves as a part-time lecturer at ARIAKE College Education and the Arts.

Choreography , Direction, Composition and Performance






Production Manager



Stage Manager



Lighting Design



Sound Design



Video Technical Support

Takaki SUDO


Sponsor and Cooperation Unit 


Discount Schemes

Purchase of ‘Festival Pass’ at HK$1,200 to enjoy Nov 17 performance of Stream of Dust and all the programs of ‘HOTPOT Details of the East Asia Dance Platform’ plus other Festival activities. ‘Festival Pass’ are now exclusively available at CCDC website.

10% discount for each purchase of standard tickets of 3 different programmes

20% discount for each purchase of standard tickets of 5 different programmes

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Full-time Students

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People with Disabilities & the Minder (Wheelchair seats are available at CCDC and CCDF websites only)
Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Recipients

Hong Kong Focus

Approximately 2 hours with intermission

Greater China I & Greater China II

Approximately 1 hour


Approximately 2 hours with intermission


Approximately 2 hours


Latecomers or re-admission audiences will not be admitted until a suitable break of the performance.

Programme content does not reflect the view of the presenter and partners

CCDC reserves the right to substitute artists and vary advertised programmes.


‘HOTPOT East Asia Dance Platform’ Partners


Festival Partner


Date: November 17, 2023 - November 19, 2023
Time: -
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