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26 Aug

Pa | Ethos & Dancing Philosophy

August 26, 2022 - March 6, 2023

Pa | Ethos & Dancing Philosophy

26.8.2022 [Fri] 8PM
27.8.2022 [Sat] 3PM
27.8.2022 [Sat] 8PM
28.8.2022 [Sun] 3PM
Auditorium, Sha Tin Town Hall
$320 | $260 | $180

When moving bodies and moving minds intersect

‘Tableaux’ and ‘keep dancing’ appear to be at both ends of the spectrum, but they actually gravitate towards each other. Between stillness and rhythm, what will the body and the mind spark off? Pa | Ethos depicts the condensation of pure bodily movements, while Dancing Philosophy transforms thoughts into spatial movements; both works explore the collision and association between the body and the spiritual world respectively through pure dance movements and lecture performance. These exchanges let any boundaries vanish. CCDC juxtaposes these two contrasting works, inviting the audience to keep their minds open and eyes active. Let’s ride the wind, step into the cross-disciplinary yaw, and keep flowing.

Pa | Ethos

Dance at the Pinnacle of Poetry

Amidst the aestheticism of sculptures, dancers set free the bountiful primal passion beneath with the optimum rhythm. Infinite possibilities are born between the movement and stillness of imagination, presenting a branch of aesthetics beyond compare. Inspired by Aristotle’s Art of Rhetoric, this work has toured 11 times in Italy, the Mainland and other locations before staging in Hong Kong with a special version. Choreographer Sang Jijia’s exquisite sensibility and composer Dickson Dee’s spirited electronic music are welded together to reshape the poetry of the body.


“Classical philosophy, oriental thought, electronic music and dance come together in a refined and passionate show.“ 

– Marche Teatro

Pa | Ethos Cast Change

Pa | Ethos performers – Felix Ke, Peggy Lam and Brian Yam will not perform due to health issues. The roles will be replaced by Bruce Wong, Gigi Yang and Kelvin Mak* respectively. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.


Sang Jijia

Original Music

Dickson Dee

Rehearsal Master & Performance

Bruce WONG


Suyi HON, Natalie KO, Eric KWONG, Bobo LAI, Shirley LOK, Simpson YAU

Guest Performance

Charlie LEUNG*, Kelvin MAK*, Gigi YANG

Contributing Dance Artists

Felix KE, Peggy LAM, Brian YAM^

Lighting Design


Original Video


Costume Design

Giuseppina MAURIZI

Sound Design

Anthony YEUNG


Fondazione Fabbrica Europa per le arti contemporanee (Italy), Spellbound Contemporary Ballet


* By kind permission of Beyond Dance Theater

^ The Artistic Internship Scheme is supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council

Dancing Philosophy

When the Body Articulates and Words Dance

Philosophers question and debate unceasingly to search for the meaning of the world, of knowledge, and of humanities and arts. In the debut cross-disciplinary collaboration between Corrupt the Youth and CCDC, they question the essences of body and movement with Artistic Director Yuri Ng. They exchange ideas and pose questions in the form of ‘keep talking, keep dancing’: What is dance? What is contemporary dance? Why dance here and now? When one starts to dance, is it the brain, body, or mouth that moves? Let’s explore the dancing boundaries of philosophers at the theatre.

Creation & Performance

HUNG Yan, KONG Man-ki, KUM Long-yin, KWAN Ho-chuen, KWONG Chun-man, LAI Ka-lok, LI Hong-ting, TSE Sze-fan, YEUNG Chun-yin

Stage Direction

Yuri NG

Creation & Live Accompaniment

Cynthia CHAN

Lighting Design


Sound Design

Anthony YEUNG


CHEUNG Siu-mei, Claudia LEUNG

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Duration is approximately 2 hours with 15-minute intermission

Performed in Cantonese with no surtitles

Audience of aged 6 or above are welcomed

The presenter reserves the right to change the programme, artists as well as seating arrangements and audience capacities should unavoidable circumstances make it necessary

Extended Activity

CCDC x Corrupt the Youth | Documentary: Rehearsing Philosophy

Commissioned by CCDC, local film director Michael Tang pulled back the curtain and documented Corrupt The Youth’s creative journey in this documentary – Rehearsing PhilosophyThe documentary will be premiered in Kino, Eaton HK, where members of Corrupt The Youth will watch it together and share their thoughts with audience members. The documentary will then be available on CCDC’s online channel.

In Contact or Disconnect?!

A three-session workshop series, starting with a guided stroll around the city, will explore the body’s physical response to the urban environment through the lens of dance in terms of our senses, such as sight, touch and movement. How do urban configurations and body aesthetics interact and respond to each other? Can we respond with a different approach?

Dates: 20 Aug, 26 – 28 Aug, 3 Sept

Docents: Yuri Ng (CCDC Artistic Director), Human Wu (Architect)

Workshops will be conducted in Cantonese

CCDC x Corrupt the Youth | Members on the Move: Dynamic Training 101

Are philosophy and dance at both ends of the spectrum, or are they two sides of the same coin?

In this two-hour movement training workshop, Yuri and members of Corrupt the Youth will explore and encode the body and creation process.

Date: 12 Aug 2022* (Fri) or 13 Aug 2022 (Sat) (Choose one)

Workshops will be conducted in Cantonese


* Members on the Move: “Dynamic Training 101” originally scheduled on 12/8 has been postponed to 10/9.


Date: August 26, 2022 - March 6, 2023
Time: -
Venue: 沙田大會堂演奏廳
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