Enrolment Info – Dance Courses (Tai Po)

Enrolment Information

Venue:  City Contemporary Dance Company CCDC Dance Centre (TAI PO), Unit 101-102, 1/F, Tai Po Arts Centre, 12 On Pong Road, Tai Po.

2nd Term 2021 Dance Courses (Dance Period: 21.04 to 28.06.2021)

Enrolment Date: 08.03-27.04-2021
2021 2nd Term Dance Courses (Dance Period: 21.04-28.06.2021)
Early Enrolment Discount Period 08.03 (Mon) – 28.03 (Sun) 2021
Online Registration Discount Period 08.03 (Mon, 10:00am) to 21.03(Sun, 6:00pm)2021
Register by Post, Fax or In Person Discount Period 22.03 (Mon, 10:00am) to 28.03 (Sun, 6:00pm) 2021
Flexicoupons Reservation starts from* 29.03.2021 (Mon)
Cancel Courses** 14.04.2021 (Wed)

*Not applicable to Special Courses and Short Courses.  For more information, please visit Flexicoupons Section.

**CCDC reserves the right to change the course instructors or time when necessary.

  1. All 2nd Term Dance Courses applications sent in person, by mail or by fax on or before 07.03.2021 (Sun) will not be accepted.
  2. Limited quota. First-come-first-served basis.
  3. No refunds will be made except in the circumstance when a course is being cancelled.
  4. Dance more get more is not applicable for Special Courses and Short Courses.
  5. Total 9 sessions for each course.
I. Online Registration: From 08.03 (Mon, 10:00am) to 21.03 (Sun, 6:00pm) 2021

For more details please visit: https://www.art-mate.net/doc/58252

  • Each entry limited to one person, two or more please re-registration.
  • Online Enrolment will be confirmed by email once students have made the payment online by using either PayMe or credit card (VISA/MASTER ) through PayPal.
  • NO extra handling fee for payment by PayMe.  The online registration system requires a handling fee of 5% of the payment amount for payment by credit card (VISA/MASTER ) through PayPal.
  • Online registrations are not applicable to “Special Offers to Full-time Day Course Students”, “Let’s Dance Together”, “Special offers to Parents” & “Flexicoupon”.
II. Register by Post, Fax or In Person Discount Period: 22.03 (Mon, 10:00am) to 28.03 (Sun, 6:00pm) 2021
  • Please read “Enrolment Information” carefully before filling in the enrolment form. Please note that the final decision on admission will be subject to the authentication of course code as written on the enrolment form.
  • Applicants should provide accurate Chinese and English name, contact number and e-mail on the enrolment form, so that the office can contact the applicant when necessary.
  • Please submit the completed enrolment form together with course fee by one of the following ways:
  • In Person submit to CCDC Dance Centre office
  • By Post: with crossed cheque payable to “CITY CONTEMPORARY DANCE CO., LTD” (please write down your name and contact number at the back of the cheque) or with credit card (only VISA / MASTER, except for Hang Seng Alpha Card) information and card validation number (CVV code) and send to the CCDC Dance Centre, G/F to 3/F, 110 Shatin Pass Road, Wong Tai Sin, Kowloon. Please do not send cash. (Please write the discounted amount on cheque for payment. Any extra paid fees will not be refunded)
  • By Fax: Please fill in the enrolment form with credit card (only VISA / MASTER, except for Hang Seng Alpha Card) information and card valildation number (CVV code), fax it to 2326 0220 or 2242 2363. (Please do not send duplicated forms or fax at non-office hours.)
  • For those who pay with cheque or credit card, the Centre will cancel the enrolment immediately without further notice if the transaction fails.
  • Students who enroll by post or by fax will be notified 3 days upon the Centre’s receipt of their application submission. A reference number will be provided by SMS. Please contact 2328 9205 in case no notification is received after 1 week. CCDC will not be responsible for any mail or fax undelivered.
  • Please come to class according to the date and time posted on the Course Schedule. Students can collect their receipts on the first lesson from the instructors (except those applied for CCDC Dance Card should collect the related document at the office). If there is any changes, students will be notified by the Centre.
  • The Centre will cancel courses which the no. of enrollment falls below the requisite minimum on 14.04.2021(Wed).
  • The Centre reserves the right to make changes on class date, time, instructors and teaching format.
  • In correspond with Government’s policy in exceptional circumstances (e.g. social distance measures), The Centre may modify the course arrangement according to the enrollment order.
  • Please make sure that all information is correct and completed and the consent detail is signed before submitting the enrolment form. CCDC reserves the right not to process those enrolments which fail to provide correct and complete information.
  • Fees and places of the courses cannot be transferred. Only enrolled students can attend the courses.
  • Our staff may require students to provide their identity certificates so as to verify students’ identities. The Centre reserves the right to stop those who fail to prove their identities from taking classes.


Regular Course (*1hr20mins each class)

Per Course: HK$1,170

  • Early Enrolment Discounts: 25% discount for CCDC Dance Card Holders and 15% discount for non-members who enroll during early enrollment period.
  • Dance More Get More Scheme: If you enroll in two courses, you will get ONE complimentary course.
  • Students can enjoy Early Enrolment Discount and Dance More Get More Scheme together.
Special Course (55mins each class)

Fee Per Course: HK$740;Two Courses: HK$1,185

* Special Course is not applicable to “Flexicoupon”, “Discounts” & “Dance More Get More”, “Special offer to Full-time Day Courses students” are not applicable to the above offers. The offer cannot be in conjunction with other discount offers.

  • Course fee will be rounded up to dollars and the highest fee will be charged.
  • Different discounts are available for specific credit card holders. However, these offers cannot be used in conjunction with other benefits. Please call us on 2328 9205 for details.

Course Fee

Regular Course (*1hr20mins each class)
Early Enrolment Discount Period:03-28.03.2021 29.03-27.04.2021
No. of course(s) CCDC Dance Card  Holder Open for public CCDC Dance Card  Holder Open for public
1 HK$878 HK$995 HK$995 HK$1,170
2 HK$1,756 HK$1,990 HK$1,990 HK$2,340
3 HK$1,756 HK$1,990 HK$1,990 HK$2,340
* The above fee are not applicable to Special Courses, Morning Class Series and Short Courses.

Points to Note

  1. Unless the course description indicates specifically, all dance courses are suitable for applicants aged 13 or above.
  2. Students are advised to wear leotard, casual wear or sports wear and sports shoes or dance shoes unless specified by course instructors, please refer to course description for further details. Jeans and leather shoes are not advisable.
  3. For the sake of personal hygiene, students are encouraged to wear T-shirt and clean socks to class.
  4. Description for each course is for reference only.
  5. Please refer to the course calendar for detailed course dates. No prior notice will be made.
  6. CCDC reserves the right: 1) to cancel courses if the no. of application falls below the requisite minimum on 14.04.2021 (Wed); 2) to change the time of courses and 3) to change the course instructors when necessary.
  7. No refunds will be made except in the circumstance when course is being cancelled or full. Students will be notified for such cases. All refunds will be paid by cheque / credit card within 4 weeks after course commencement.
  8. Students should bear his/her own risk and attend lessons according to their own abilities. Pregnant women are not recommended to attend classes; CCDC would not be liable for any injuries or illnesses sustained during lessons. Students can consider applying for insurance on their own if needed.
  9. The personal data provided in the form will be used for newsletter and promotion of CCDC & CCDC Dance Centre programmes. In accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance applicants have the right to request access to and to correct personal data. To access their personal data, please contact CCDC Dance Centre.
  10. The Centre reserves the right to carry out photography and filming during the class for promotional purpose.
  11. Students who want to carry out photography and filming during the class must seek prior approval from the Centre.
  12. We may take photos or videos of participants during events. These materials may be used on future promotional items. In case of any disputes, CCDC Dance Centre reserves the right of final decision.

Course Transfer, Complimentary Coupons and Attendance Certificate

  1. An administration fee of HK$150 will be charged for each transfer. (Not applicable to Special Course, Morning Class Series and Short Courses). Please fill in the application form. Students can only transfer into classes that still have vacancy.(Download Course Transfer application form)
  2. Please choose the most appropriate course, time and date carefully. No refunds will be made except in the circumstance when a course is being cancelled or full. If students wish to transfer their course fee into complimentary coupons under special circumstances, they must fill in the application form and pay an administration fee of HK$150. CCDC reserves the right for all the applications. (Download Complimentary Coupons)
  3. Students may apply for an attendance certificate provided that their attendance rate reaches 80% or above. An administration fee of HK$30 will be charged for each course. Please fill in the application form. The attendance certificate will be ready to collect at the office 14 working days after payment. (Download Attendance Certificate)

Typhoons and Rainstorms

  1. For classes that have not yet started:
  • Classes will continue as usual if Typhoon Signal No. 1 or No. 3, or Amber / Red Rainstorm Warning signal is hoisted.
  • When Typhoon Signal No.8 or above, or Black Rainstorm Warning is in force at or after:
I At or after 7am All classes before 2:00pm will be cancelled
II At or after 12noon All classes from 2:00-6:00pm will be cancelled
III At or after 4pm All classes after 6:00pm will be cancelled


  1. For classes that have already started:
I When Typhoon Signal No.1 or No.3, or Amber / Red Rainstorm Warning is in force All classes will continue
II When Typhoon Signal No.8 or above, or Black Rainstorm Warning is in force All classes will be immediately suspended
  1. CCDC Dance Centre may decide whether to continue the classes according to the actual situation.
  2. The above arrangement is for reference only. In all cases, students and parents should consider the weather and transport situation to decide whether to attend classes. No make-up classes or refund will be arranged to absentee for these cases.
  3. No make-up classes or refund will be arranged for class cancelled due to bad weather.
  4. For any enquiries, please contact us at 2328 9205 or visit our website.
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